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If you like poker or simply want something to do while you're traveling or waiting for an appointment, then this is a good app to have. Play with friends who have the Zynga Poker app or others from around the world who like the game. The concept is simple, and you see all of the details of the game right on the screen. One of the benefits is that you can easily touch the screen to move the cards and make your selections with the poker chips.

While playing Zynga Poker, you have the option of using real money, but this isn't recommended unless you are good at the game and aren't as concerned about losing money in the event that you don't win a hand. You do start out with a certain number of coins that can be exchanged for chips on the board. Ship casino singapore buffet. When you play, you will bet a certain amount just like you would with a real game. The initial amount is 10,000, so if you want to keep that amount, then you need to brush up on your poker skills so that you beat your opponent. There are tournaments involved up to nine people where you can win a large number of chips at one time.

Just like the real Vegas casino, Zynga Poker is an official app with certification for a fair play. Variety: Player can either join a ‘Sit n Go’ game or a simple game for winning generous payouts. Play with 5 players or 9 players. Play fast or play slow. Join the tables of your liking and raise the stakes the way you like. Same as in Teen. Zynga Poker is the destination for video poker players, social casino fans and table top poker players alike. If you’re a fan of the Vegas casino experience, you’ll feel right at home in our friendly poker community! Download Zynga Poker and start playing today! The classic casino card game, now for mobile and online play!


  • Passes the time
  • Fun way to play poker


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  • Not very challenging
  • Aren't matched with people of your skill level