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Underground Poker Rooms In Houston; I'll be in chicago from may 11 to 15, do i just look at the website calender? Mainly, she wrote underground poker rooms in houston about her improbable career running a pricey jimmy eat world big casino traducida underground poker game in Los Angeles and, later. Players from Houston, TX, if they aren't getting their kicks in an underground casino or card room, typically drive across the border to nearby Lake Charles. There, they partake in the Hold'em and Omaha games spread at The Golden Nugget, L'Auberge Du Lac, and The Isle of Capri. Bar Leagues & Underground Poker Becoming a Legitimate Enterprise Catching Up with Kim Stone In less than two weeks, the Prime Social Club in Houston, Texas will play host to the inaugural Lonestar. Underground poker room. Even a poker room in Houston with swipe cards for members/players to enter the premises and hired security could not keep the police from getting in to play. In a new book about the infamous 'Molly's Game' poker games he co-founded with Tobey Maguire, Houston Curtis says that the 'Spider-Man' star used famous pals like Leo Di Caprio as bait to lure in.

Underground Poker Houston
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On March 24, an unknown former television producer became one of the most wanted figures in the American press. This is Houston Curtis -also a screenwriter and expert in card games-, who decided to reveal in his book The Billion Dollar Hollywood Heist: The A-List Kingpin and the Poker Ring that Brought Down Tinseltown one of the secrets (voices) more Hollywood greats: A series of clandestine poker games, organized by the author, in collaboration with Tobey Maguire (44), the protagonist of Spider-Man.

Double down after split blackjack. According to Jeffrey Toobin, editor of the New Yorker , Curtis' book 'is a true prodigy for tabloids,' while Adweek has christened the author 'the king of Hollywood scoops.' And it is that, in just a few weeks, Houston has managed to put in check the most important actors in the film industry, in addition to revealing a story worthy of an action film. A story that started in 2005, when Maguire and Curtis decided to organize poker games for their close friends and millionaires .

Despite this, the duo's eagerness would not have been just to have fun, but to enrich themselves at the expense of celebrities and tycoons. 'The alleged goal, according to Curtis's book, would have been for Maguire and his partner to earn as much money as possible from the selected participants,' the New York Post published that week. But who were these players? Well, nothing more and nothing less than characters like Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio,The Notebook director Nick Cassavetes , JockerTodd Phillips and the founder of Cirque du Solei, Guy Laliberté.

The clandestine games - as the book mentions - would have taken place between 2005 and 2009. At first, the timbas would have taken place in the house of Toby Maguire himself. However, his obsession with germs and his hobby of keeping everything clean would have forced the bookmaker to move. So, supposedly, they arrived at a nightclub called The Viper Room, in 2005, and they would have installed their poker league in direct collaboration with the owner of the place.

Molly Bloom would have appeared there . A former high-level skater, who played the hostess of Maguire and Curtis. 'I'm going to set up a poker room up there and I'm going to put a gorgeous girl named Molly to serve cocktails,' Curtis was originally told by the club's owner. However, Bloom became much more than the 'barwoman'. In fact, in 2013 she was accused of leading illegal bets on The Viper Room itself. A year later, Bloom wrote a book, which in 2017 was made into a movie. The movie was called Molly's Game and the author was portrayed by Jessica Chastain.

Despite the above, Curtis says that Molly does not have much to do with her story and maintains the version that she was nothing more than her waitress and the one in charge of calling the players.

During those four years, Curtis relates that a lot of money was moved . So much so that it is unimaginable.'Winning $ 20,000 was like losing, ' Houston explained to the New York Post recently, in addition to claiming that he earned a total of $ 15,000,000. He has also revealed important details, such as that DiCaprio - invited by Maguire - would not have been willing to drop too much money and that Matt Damon would have lost 50,000 dollars against him and that, in the absence of cash, Ben Affleck would have had to write a check on your behalf.

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In the same way, who would not have been very lucky in the game would have been Guy Laliberté. 'The first time I won a quarter of a million dollars was the night that Guy came in to play,' Curtis said. But it seems that the circus businessman would not have been angry with the defeat, because, after losing, he would have invited the entire poker tribe to fly with him to Hawaii.


DiCaprio (hooded) was one of the regulars in games organized by Maguire (on the left).

Still, with all those anecdotes, the stories about Maguire are still some of the most impressive. According to the book, he was the mastermind of the operation, he shared his profits with DiCaprio (and covered his losses), he would have gotten his ex-wife Jen Meyer involved, in addition to trying to manipulate Molly Bloom into receiving fewer tips. . On the other hand, the actor would have been in charge of recruiting celebrities, making them interested in the game and, of course, winning. And earn a lot. Because, according to Curtis himself, Tobey would have reached a figure close to $ 40,000,000 in profit.

And why did they stop gambling? Her luck would have ended in 2009, when the police launched an investigation against Molly and Curtis began to lose money. For example, $ 1,000,000 in one night. Later, Mrs. de Curtis decided to leave him, he suffered health problems and had to go live with his mother. This caused Tobey to help him with $ 600,000, which had to be paid with interest and percentages of earnings. Today Curtis has overcome his problems and even assures that he continues playing. However, nothing is known about Maguire and he has not yet made any statements.

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