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Whether you play live or at real money casinos online, slots are simple to master in 2020. In fact online casino slots might just be the world's easiest way to gamble real cash. It's even easier than the lottery and you won’t even need to scratch a ticket or wait for the weekly draw. Just choose your game, select your betting denomination, choose how many coins you want to bet at once, and press the spin button. When the reels come to a complete stop, you’ll get paid if you match any of the symbol combinations on the pay table. With entirely random outcomes at the licensed online casinos, slots are the furthest thing from rocket science. It's easy to play at a rapid pace if you choose.

Online Casino Slots Selection

Types of Free Slots. Before playing free online slots, start with one of the primary types – you can find them in the menu: Classic Slot Games: For the nostalgic veterans who enjoy the traditional casino-style games, we supply over 400 3-reel free slots no download games and two-dimensional machines. They are usually not abundant with bonuses. Top 10 Online Slots. You can find thousands of slots on the internet. Start by playing the top 10 best online slots to get started. Most of the people play these popular top 10 slot games for free and real money. Here is a list of the top 10 most popular online slots USA. Slots Online 2020 - A Guide to the Multi-Reeled Game. If there is one game that never fails to bring out players in their droves, it’s slots. Slots are so popular among casino players, that you can find slots online in all shapes, sizes and themes imaginable. Navigating through such an overwhelming abundance of slots can be tricky. Free Online Slots. The free slot machine games listed here are just the start of it. We have loads more. To find more, use the navigation at the top of the menu and look at the free slots section. As well as those, you also might like to visit the online slots sections which shows our most popular games. But wait, there's more (as they say).

When visiting online casinos, slots are obviously straightforward. The hardest part might be choosing which games to play. Many sites offer hundreds of different titles and they all accept real cash. You’ll find all the most popular games including fruit machines, titles with sport themes, and even licensed machines with your favorite superheroes, celebrities, or Hollywood characters.

When playing at the casinos online, slots can generally be divided into traditional three-reel games and their more elaborate five-reel counterparts. Besides having a different number of reels, the three-reel games tend to have three to five pay-lines while the five-reel games can have more than a hundred pay-lines. Consider each pay-line an opportunity to place a bet. The number of available real cash bets you place at once is entirely up to you. Players should realize that simpler games often have superior payouts at many sites.

Make The Greatest Slot Machine Bets

With hundreds of exciting titles to choose from, finding the greatest slot machine might seem like a challenge. As a player, you want the highest chance at winning real money. Yet slot machines are nothing other than games of chance. The secret is to play the games with the highest payouts at slots online casinos.

Most slots display their payout percentage alongside the instructions. While these numbers might seem confusing, they simply indicate the amount of money wagered that gets returned to players as prizes. For example a 95% rate means that for every $100 gambled, players will win $95. These percentages are true over time. You shouldn’t expect to lose $5 if you wager a hundred. You could lose it all or win $100. Always play games with the highest rates available to put yourself in the best position to win.

Understanding Progressive Jackpots

When playing slots online, casinos often advertise progressive jackpots that exceed a million dollars and that seem to grow by the second. Whenever you gamble at a progressive game, a portion of your wager gets added to the prize pool. The jackpot continues to grow until someone hits the jackpot. Some of the biggest prizes are shared across a network of web based casinos. That means someone in Australia can contribute to the jackpot you win in the UK. At online casinos, slots fans should know that they’ll usually need to wager the maximum or top number of coins to qualify for progressive jackpots. You can always choose lower denomination games that are within your budget at slots gambling sites.

Slots Online Casinos Beginner's Strategy

We've already discussed the importance of payouts at online casinos. Slots success also requires bankroll management. Pacing yourself doesn’t just give you stamina. It gives you more opportunities to come out on the winning side of statistical variance at casinos online. Slots are pure chance, and you shouldn’t limit your chances by immediately exhausting your bankroll. Casinos will have games for all budgets, so you can always find a game that fits.

When playing at the best casinos online, slots work like any game of chance. If anything, they provide some of the fastest play online. Gambling is supposed to be fun, so don’t be afraid to slow down and feel the excitement. Games are more thrilling when you aren’t on the sidelines. You will have a far better game when you are obviously in it to win it at slots online casinos.

Get Started At Top Slots Online Casinos Sites

When browsing casinos online, slots are everywhere. Even though many sites offer similar titles, not all internet casinos deserve your attention. When it comes to playing the games online, casinos sites can be confusing. Luckily our team of casino experts have tested all the games on every site and compared them all. Just visit the recommended sites above for the widest game selection, biggest bonuses, and most profitable payouts. It's never been easier to enjoy the action at trusted online gambling sites. At online casinos, slot machines really are king. Fans of the games can get started right now by selecting one of our recommended casinos.

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When we think of America we picture the wild western towns with cowboys and sheriffs, the native Americans galloping through the canyons. Perhaps, we imagine the American dream and the chase of the dollar. The list can go on and on, as there are plenty of American things out there (picturing a burger just now). But in this review, we will focus solely on the best American slot machines online. Join us, as we explore the USA games and their inspirations.

Top 10 American Slot Games
Online SlotRatingReelsPayoutSecure Link
Buffalo Rising5/5596.50%Play Here!
Captain America4.9/5595.28%Play Here!
One Hundred to One4.9/5596.21%Play Here!
4th of July4.8/5591.80%Play Here!
White Buffalo4.8/5595.56%Play Here!
Douguie’s Delights4.8/5596.30%Play Here!
Fort Brave4.7/5597.00%Play Here!
Mustang Gold4.7/5596.53%Play Here!
Western Belles4.6/5592.85%Play Here!
Totem Treasure4.3/5396.28%Play Here!

The Top 10 Best American Slot Machine Games Online

  1. Buffalo Rising Megaways (Unique Reel Design)
  2. Captain America (Best for Progressive Jackpots)
  3. One Hundred to One (Top Rated for Мost Paylines)
  4. 4th of July (Great American Theme)
  5. White Buffalo (Incredible Soundtrack and Animations)
  6. Douguie’s Delights (Great Bonus Features)
  7. Fort Brave (Breath-Taking Sounds and Storytelling)
  8. Mustang Gold (Modern Game)
  9. Western Belles (Best for Vintage Artwork)
  10. Totem Treasure (Top Classic Slot Experience)

Buffalo Rising Megaways– Explore the Wilderness

America is many things, but first let’s go back to the times when most of it was just wilderness, and the animals were its kings. Blueprint has created the perfect American slot to take is deep into the wild. Over at Buffalo Rising, you will meet some of the most iconic representatives amongst the animal kingdom, such as buffalos, bears, wolves, and reindeer. Furthermore, the slot has RTP of 96.50% and the striking number of up to 117,649 different paylines.

Speaking about bonus features, Buffalo Rising has a lot of them. If you land the perfect tiles combination, you can get the Free Spins bonus, which grants you 15 spins or up to 10x multiplier. Moreover, there is another special feature in the game called the Buffalo Bet.

The additional feature gives you plenty of other surprises to keep you always on your tips, ready to jump out of thrill. The wild game has great graphics and an outstanding soundtrack, further positioning the game as one of the best American slots. Finally, due to the game having a smaller bet range, it is more likely to be mainly attractive to low-stakes players.

Captain America – The First Avenger

What is more American than Captain America? There is rarely a person who does not know the iconic masked hero, who has remained in our pop-culture since the Second World War. The Captain America slot is following the latest Marvel adaptation of the superhero and will take you on a thrilling fight against the Red Skull and his troops. The Playtech game has RTP of 95.28%, 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 fixed paylines.

During your time in Captain America – The First Avenger, you will have the chance to encounter many different bonuses. When you trigger the Super Energy Free Spins feature, you will receive 4 free spins and a chance to pick from up to 9 shields that can reveal additional bonus features. Moreover, any of the Avengers Assemble games has 4 progressive jackpots. Any player who plays any of these superhero USA slots can be awarded 1 of the 4 jackpots at any time, being Power, Extra Power, Super Power and Ultimate Power jackpots.

One Hundred to One – The Symbol of the American Dream

Speaking about USA slots we cannot skip to mention the ‘American Dream’. Hence, what better symbol than the American dollar? You will be sure to find a lot of these while playing One Hundred to One slot machine by Novomatic. Regardless of the game being relatively new, it offers a straightforward layout with a classical appearance. The game comes with 5 reels and 5 rows and has an RTP of 96.21%, which makes it even more interesting.

Moreover, you will notice that while you play, you will be surrounded by various USA-themed images such as the American flag and the eagle. The 100 paylines at One Hundred to One are arranged in two columns on both sides of the game area. Furthermore, the game offers the Gamble feature and a Multiplier.

Ultimately, the game has overall low bets, which makes it perfect for players that do not want to risk losing too much money until they get a feeling of the game. If you want to try One Hundred to One, you can test the free demo here.

4th of July – Great Holiday and a Great Game

After we have talked about the flag, the eagle and the dollar, let’s go American all the way! 888 Gaming have released an impressive slot called the 4th of July. The slot has five reels, three rows and 25 paylines, also the RTP is 91.80%. Once launched, the 4th of July shows you the background picture with some of the most iconic American symbols. Amongst them, you can recognise the statue of Lincoln, the American flag, the Capitol Building, the Hollywood sign, and the Statue of Liberty.

Regarding the game symbols, they are just as American as the background pictures. Even the lowest-paying tiles, the play cards, are presented as different dollar coins. Furthermore, you will see symbols such as Mount Rushmore, the White House, the Statue of Liberty, and others.

The wild symbol is a 4th of July sticker, and the scatter is presented as the sign of Las Vegas. If you get 3 or more Las Vegas symbols, you will trigger 15 free spins. But wait, it gets even better. You can trigger more free spins during the free spins bonus, which is truly amazing!

White Buffalo – Meet the Mystical White Beast

What is this top USA slots list going to be without talking about the winter aspect of the huge landmass? Once again, Microgaming has bettered itself by presenting this amazing American slot called White Buffalo. The game shows us a gorgeous winter picture of the North American wilderness. The only living creatures that dare to roam the lands are moose, rams, elks, and of course, the stunning White Buffalo, all of which being in-game symbols. Furthermore, the play area consists of five reels and three rows, with 25 paylines and 95.56% RTP.

Regarding the existing bonuses in the White Buffalo slot, the bonus event is triggered completely at random. As you could expect, it involves the sacred White Buffalo beast, which will stampede through the reels. Once the bonus is triggered, all other symbols will be transformed into buffalo tiles and then the six free spins will begin. Ultimately, 25 paylines can be triggered in this online American slot machine, presenting it as a lucrative choice that will surely reward the brave explorers of the wilderness.

Douguie’s Delights – Try the American Fast-Food Culture

The next game on our list is the most emblematic American slot that exist. Douguie’s Delights is an American food-themed slot that focuses on fast foods such as burgers, pizza, hot dogs and more. However, this game emphasizes on the “American” in all the foods, hence you will often see the national flag on the different symbols and all over the background. The game itself has 5 reels and 3 rows, with 9 paylines, with 96.30% RTP. The developers from Pragmatic Play have brought Douguie’s Delights with an intuitive layout and an autoplay button.

Furthermore, the Stars and Stripes symbols act as the game wild symbols, and it can help you complete combinations with any other tiles, excluding the scatter and bonus game symbols. Speaking of the scatter symbol, in Douguie’s Delights it’s taken the form of a bald eagle, which is further referencing that this is an American slot.

Anyhow, the free spins bonus that you can get is a bit underwhelming as it grants you just 5 of them. Finally, the symbol that can trigger the bonus game is the Statue of Liberty. The bonus on its own can award players with between 4 and 20 bonus points. You can try the free demo version here on our page.

Fort Brave – Glimpse of USA History

Ready your wits and arms, we are going to war! Fort Brave by Bally Wulff takes us to experience another important moment from the American history, respectively, the American civil war. Prepare, not only to fight to defend your fort but for big wins as well. The entire background looks like a battlefield, where soldiers ferociously fight each other, while the assault on the fort is raging on. The American slot is user-friendly with 5 reels and 4 rows. Moreover, you get to choose if you want to play with 25 or the impressive 50 paylines and 97% RTP.

Ultimately, there are 11 basic symbols in Fort Brave, and they can be divided into two groups. First, we’ve got the low-paying tiles, the playing cards. The other symbols are historical artefacts like drums, a soldier’s hat, a cannon, a soldier and a war bulge. The wild card of the game presents two American flags, and it will help you to complete some combinations. The watchtower takes the role of the scatter symbol, and it takes the space of two regular tiles. When triggering it, you can win up to 20 free games with amazing multipliers and bonuses.

Mustang Gold – Feel the Call of the Wild

Now, it is time to go back to the wild west once again. Mustang Gold is an American slot created by Pragmatic Play, and it was released at the beginning of 2019. Because of its recent release, the game offers many new features, stunning graphics, beautiful symbols, and immersive storylines.

As one could guess, the black and white mustangs play a significant role in the game, being the highest pay symbols. They are followed by the cowboy and cowgirl tiles, which also boast decent rewards. In addition, Pragmatic Play has done a splendid job of illustrating the play cards symbols.

100 Free Slots Games

The Mustang Gold logo is the wild symbol, while the campfire image is the scatter. Manistique casino shuttle. Moreover, the game has remarkable bonus features, such as the Money Collect Feature and the Jackpot Reveal Bonus Game, where you can get a jackpot as big as 1000x your bet.

The Scatter symbol awards the player with amazing free spin bonuses, which are always handy. It can easily be said that this is one of the best American slots out there, and you should definitely give it a go. If you would like to try Mustang Gold, you can test the free demo here.

Western Belles – Wild Western Classic

IGT has released an incredible game that we thought could not be excluded from the top 10 American slots list. Western Belles comes with 5 reels and 4 rows, and it tells the story of gorgeous western cowgirls. Furthermore, the game has RTP of 92.85%. While playing the game, you could encounter various themed symbols such as cowgirl hats and boots. Furthermore, the medium slot volatility makes Western Belles quite unpredictable. In other words, even though you will hit small prizes, you should get frequent winning combinations.

Western Belles has quite a wide betting range, presenting it as a suitable choice for both new and experienced players. One of this American slot’s best features is known as “Wild Reel”. When triggered, it will turn an entire reel into a huge wild symbol with another beautiful western cowgirl.

Finally, the menu of the game is really straightforward and intuitive. The background picture fits perfectly with the design of the play area, and it truly looks as if the game has just returned back from time-travelling in the wild west. If you would like to try Western Belles, you can test our free demo here.

Totem Treasure – Old-School Gem

Totem Treasure is a classic slot released in 2012. Games have really changed since then but this one has managed to stand the test of time with its relatively odd-looking design. As you can guess by the name, Totem Treasure is one of the typical USA slots that focus on the native American theme. Responsible for the creation of this bad boy is Microgaming. Moreover, the game features 5 reels and 3 rows, with only 5 selectable paylines and has an RTP of 96.28%. Similar to Mystic Dreams, the game boasts a simple and retro appearance.

After you launch Totem Treasure, you will recognise some of the symbols, and your brain will momentarily connect them with the native American and Indian traditions. You will see symbols such as totems, tipis, campfires. The bet range of the slot is rather narrow, which might not be up to everyone’s preferences, but provides perfect conditions for low stakes players. Anyhow, Totem Treasure is lots of fun, and if you are a true fan of the classic slots, you can enjoy playing the game with just one payline active.

Frequently Asked Questions

The USA is a large and fascinating place with a diverse and rich history and culture. It is no secret that many aspects of the American way of life have been influential to a big part of the world, such as movies, fast foods, games and many more. The online slots universe is not an exception. Therefore, we have taken the initiative to answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the American slots.

Top 100 Online Slots No Deposit

🥇 Where can I play top American-themed online slots?

When speaking of American slots, they are just too many and too different from each other. Henceforth, you might find them scattered over many online casinos. However, we’ve got a solution. For your convenience, we have prepared a list of the best slots casinos online, which will help you in finding the right casino to play USA slots.

🎰 Which adventure slot has the most exciting Bonus round?

This might be a difficult question; however, we believe we’ve got the perfect candidate for the title of the most exciting bonus round. Captain America presents to its players, many multipliers and bonuses. The best thing is the four huge progressive jackpots that are not to be missed.

🚀 Which American slot has the most paylines?

Honestly, there are some stark pretenders for the spot, but unfortunately, the right answer can be no other than One Hundred to One. This American slot illustrates an iconic segment of the American life, the dollar. While you are playing, you can benefit from the 100 available paylines.

🏆 Which are the top USA slots software developers?

Throughout our top 10 American slot machines list, we encountered multiple renowned software companies such as Microgaming, Playtech, Novomatic and others. They all have many top-quality slot titles, such as Buffalo Rising Megaways, that have proved to be complete hits amongst the fanbase.

✅ Can I play American slots for free?

Before going into online casinos to play for real money, It might be a good idea first to test the games and familiarise yourself with their mechanics and bonuses. For that reason, you could check our various game reviews and find demo versions of the games there!

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