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There are currently no available Tesco's home delivery slots for nearly another month. At the time of writing, there is no general delivery available until May 29. The supermarket has now suspended. So that we can help as many customers as possible, our priority delivery slots will have an 8-hour delivery window – either from 10am-6pm or 2pm-10pm. If you’re a vulnerable customer booking a priority slot, please make sure the mobile number in your account is correct.

Tesco tends to offer delivery slots up to three weeks ahead, but at the time of writing, there are no home delivery slots available for all of the dates offered until 13 April 2020. There are delivery slots available in 2-hour delivery windows. These are available from 10am to 10pm, 7 days a week. Each delivery slot has a maximum capacity, so place you order well in advance to guarantee the slot you want. You can order your shopping up to 3 weeks in advance. Tesco - slots released 21 days ahead - New slots released at midnight, although you might want to get in the queue a few minutes before that. Extra slots are being added, so you might not have to.

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Video poker machines. There’s no doubt that getting a shopping delivery slot has been harder than usual since the UK went into lockdown eight weeks ago. Casino gold coast buffet.

In an attempt to take some of the stress away, Martin Lewis’ MoneySavingExpert.com has compiled a list of top tips.

The list shows how far ahead each supermarket releases its slots and how you might get your hands on one, reports BirminghamLive.

The supermarket with the longest lead time appears to be Tesco with a massive 21 days, which assumes you know what you’ll want to eat three weeks in advance.

Waitrose and Morrisons release their slots just three days ahead.

So you might know what you want to eat but will you then have enough time to get your order in before all of the slots are quickly taken?

Here’s how the supermarket giants are operating according to Moneysavingexpert.

Three days ahead

Waitrose - used to be in partnership with Ocado but not any more.

So it might well be looking to expand times in due course.

For slots, it said it is 'advising customers to check each morning'.

Shoppers surveyed said they had success from 6am to 8am as well as randomly during the day.

Morrisons - shoppers top tip was to try just after midnight

Five days ahead

Co-op - told Martin Lewis that 'slots are launched every day, at around midnight'.

Seven days ahead

Iceland - the company said times were specific to stores, so Martin Lewis's 'Forumites' reported different results in tandem.

Sainsbury's - told Martin Lewis that 'when the slots are released will vary - there isn't a specific time and it doesn't depend on the store'.

One follower reported success every Monday.

Ocado - the online supermarket was a former partner with Waitrose but recently jumped into bed with M&S and is due start selling its products, as well as its own, from September.

It said there wasn't a fixed time when they were released, but priority customers were emailed about availability.

Once they've had a chance to book, non-priority customers are notified - via a message on the home page - and are then able to book any remaining slots.

14 days ahead

Asda - revealed that slots update as and when they become available in each area. Popular times to get a slot were typically 10pm or midnight, though some followers said between 2am and 4am.

21 days ahead

Tesco - Martin Lewis was told 'slots tend to be released at midnight for three weeks ahead' but that it's busy adding extra vans to create more slots.

Top tips include logging on ten minutes early and then trying to book after midnight.

NOTCOMICS: The non-British internet is going to get a little confused over the next 24 hours. Because lots of the British people they follow on social media and going to be stressing about whether or not they can secure a decent Christmas delivery slot from the supermarket Tesco.

Tesco is Britain's largest supermarket and their delivery service is the largest grocery delivery system in the world. In the USA, it is still a novelty, in Britain it is now a way of life, especially after shutdown. Tesco will be opening their slots of their Delivery Saver customers, those who pay a flat monthly fee for deliveries, with everyone else getting the chance in a week's time. By then, of course, all the decent slots will have been reserved.

The aim is to reserve the slot – it can then be updated any time up until 11.30pm the night before delivery. The earlier slots are the most desired as it is more likely that Tesco will have everything in stock.

Tesco Book A Slot

Not getting an acceptable delivery slot can bring shame upon whatever head of the household has decided to take on this arduous task of constant refreshing, updating and praying to the internet gods that clicking on the 'Confirm Shopping' blue buttons will go to green, that the credit card will take your details without a fraud flag being ticked (turn your VPN off for half an hour) and by five minutes past 7 tomorrow morning, you will be able to look your family in the eye and say, yes, I have a Tesco slot booked for Christmas Eve. And because I'm in London, Farmdrop for the day before.

When New Tesco Delivery Slots Open

Good luck everyone. Sadly, they won't be including copies of The Union by Paul Grist and Andrea DeVito from Marvel Comics in the delivery, but you can't have everything.

Tesco Delivery Slots

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