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The good news is that Tesco is still accepting applications for new Delivery Saver customers, granting you early access to booking slots. Just be aware, this is a subscription service, so costs £. Tesco Christmas delivery slots Tesco has more than doubled the number of delivery slots available since the coronavirus lockdown – it now has 1.5million delivery slots a week compared to 600,000. Shoppers who’ve signed up to the supermarket’s Delivery Saver scheme will be able to book their festive slot from 7am on November 13.

Tesco customers have been left furious after having to wait hours in a virtual queue to secure a Christmas delivery slot.

This morning the supermarket released slots for the week starting 21 December - but only to their delivery saver customers who pay a subscription fee.

But after waking up to log on at 7am, many complained they had still not been given a slot after two-and-a-half hours of waiting.

One person posted on Twitter: 'What an absolute joke. Been a delivery customer for years, have delivery saver.

Almost two and a half hours waiting and still in the queue 😡

— Sonia Bradley (@50N1ABR4DL3Y) November 13, 2020

'Went on at 6.45am. Been in the queue for two hours and 20 minutes. What is happening? Should I just shop elsewhere this Christmas?'


Another user posted: 'Been waiting 2.5 hours now (since 6.59) in a queue for Christmas slot. What's happening? Am I lost in cyber hell somewhere?'

Customers were faced with a message that read: 'You are currently in a queue - we'll put you through as soon as we can.'

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On its Twitter page, the supermarket posted: 'A lot of customers are using our website and app at the moment. So we're temporarily using a virtual waiting room to help manage the flow.

'We're sorry if things take a bit longer than usual.'

Anyone else still in the online Tesco queue for a Christmas slot?! #tescopic.twitter.com/f4qKOrng2l

— SEN Resources Blog (@senresourceblog) November 13, 2020

While some were given slots after a long wait, others were unsuccessful and forced to shop for their Christmas dinner supplies elsewhere.

Those who did manage to book complained festive essentials like turkeys were not yet available.

There was also no mention of people on the government's vulnerable list, who are entitled to priority delivery slots because of coronavirus.

@Tesco been waiting 2.5 hours now (since 6.59) in a queue for Christmas slot. What's happening? Am I lost in cyber hell somewhere?

— annie (@annie6724) November 13, 2020

A Tesco spokesman said: 'Demand for online slots over the festive period is high, and we have more slots this Christmas than ever before.

'We are experiencing high volumes of traffic to our website and groceries app and are temporarily limiting the number of customers using it.'

They apologised for the inconvenience and claimed home delivery and click and collect slots are still available for the Christmas period. Best way to learn texas holdem.

Stop checking at midnight or refreshing the supermarket sites, this new tool shows you available online delivery slots and click and collect near you.

Being able to book a slot of online food shopping is not easy.

Even though many people are avoiding online deliveries, leaving more availability for people who are isolating or vulnerable, there still doesn’t seem to be enough slots.

Shopping in store? Use this app to find how long you’ll need to queue.

People have been sharing their hacks to book in a supermarket delivery.

Some have mentioned that supermarkets release new slots at midnight.

Others have got up at 2 am to check for slots as there’ll be fewer people online and they hope they’ll get a booking.

And others will keep the supermarket site open and refresh the pages through the day in the hope new slots get added randomly.

Tesco home delivery

But doing all that takes a lot of time and you still won’t guarantee to get something booked.

Wouldn’t it be great is there was a tool to show when they are available shopping slots across the different supermarkets?

Well, there is!

How to find home delivery slots

Instead of trying to find what time Tesco delivery slots become available or when Sainsbury’s release delivery slots, this new tool shows which supermarkets have delivery slots.

A brand new website, Shopping Slot, allows you to search across multiple supermarkets and find the next delivery slots as well as click and collect.

The site is absolutely free to use, and it takes all of a minute to see where has online delivery.

Simply pop your postcode into the Shopping Slot site, and it’ll deliver the results.

There is no Shopping Slot app; it’s all done via their main website.

Instead of refreshing multiple supermarket websites, trying to get a food shop, this means you’ll save time and only need to review one site. Silver legacy casino reno.

Am I guaranteed deliveries?

Shopping Slot can show available delivery slots and click and collect for Tesco, Asda, Iceland and Waitrose.

Other supermarkets like Morrisons may get added later.

What the site can’t do is find slots if they don’t exist or are already booked up.

I obviously gave the site a test run to review Shopping Slot and make sure it works.

Unfortunately, there were no delivery slots near me, but that doesn’t mean the overall concept doesn’t work.

There is no way they can create new slots if there aren’t any new ones.

What the site isn’t able to do is hold, reserve or prioritise the slots.

If you do have slots in your area, you need to remember it’s only available at that exact moment in time.

That means, if it shows a slot is available to get food delivered, you need to head to the supermarket site to book in your delivery.

To speed things up, it’s worth making sure you’ve already got an account with the supermarket.

Don’t want to keep refreshing?

If you don’t want to keep an eye on this new online delivery search engine, they can do it for you.

Shopping Slot review the availability of delivery slots and will send you an email as soon as one becomes available for your postcode.

But, signing up to get emails is not free, and you will need to pay a monthly subscription.

It’ll cost £2.19 per month, but you get a 7 day free trial to test it out first to see if it works for you.

Remember, just being able to search for shopping slots is free.

As part of the subscription, you’ll save time not having to go and check their site for slots and will get an email notification as soon as a new delivery slot becomes available.

You’re able to cancel at any time, and they’re giving 20% of profits to support the NHS.

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