T Slot Rail Uk

Router Tracks & Channels INCRA and Woodpecker have set the standard in Mitre Channel and T-Track development. The T-Track Plus is available in both metric and imperial whist Woodpecker have Super Track, Dual Purpose and Combo Tracks within their solid Aluminium range. Unique Tear Away T-Slot. Easy Fastening Of Bolt On Panels. MiniTec supplies bent sheet metal. Our press brake & shear can fabricate up to 1/4' aluminum or steel. Order your next aluminum frame complete with plates and panels fully assembled and all from one source. Buy your next t-slotted frame from a full service metal fabricator.

Here you can find our T-slot plates produced from steel and cast aluminum, and accessories such as clamps and T-slot nuts.
  • Cast aluminum T-slot plates: Tolerance/Precision: +/- 0.01 mm /200 mm
  • Steel (C45) T-slot plates: Tolerance/Precision: +/- 0.05 mm /200 mm
  • Steel (C45) T-slot plates (shaped finely): Tolerance/Precision: +/- 0.01 mm /200 mm
  • Steel (C45) T-slot plates 'BigBlock' 50mm strong: Tolerance/Precision: +/- 0.01 mm /200 mm

Steel cross slot plate 4030 'X-Block'

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$ 839.00*

Final price*, plus shipping

Cast aluminium T-slot plate 20' x 16'

$ 279.00*

Final price*, plus shipping

Cast aluminium T-slot plate 8' x 6'

$ 49.00*

Final price*, plus shipping


Cast aluminium T-slot plate 12' x 12'

$ 125.00*

Final price*, plus shipping

Cast aluminium T-slot plate 20' x 12'

$ 209.00*

Final price*, plus shipping

Cast aluminium T-slot plate 16' x 8'

Rail$ 109.00*

Final price*, plus shipping

Cast aluminium T-slot plate 24' x 16'

$ 334.00*

T Slot Rail

Final price*, plus shipping

T-slot plate 2020

$ 56.00*

Final price*, plus shipping

T-slot plate 3020

$ 74.00*

Final price*, plus shipping


*Designed to work with VW T5, T6 Rear Cargo Hoop Mounting Holes.

Its a simple idea…. The vehicle has factory mounting points so why not use them to mount your multiple steads !! One twin slot rail 1200mm long with quick release fitting.

We supply a piece of 80mm wide x 16mm high x 1200mm long extrusion that has twin t-nut slots and 2 x end caps. There are 2 x 10mm wide x 100mm long machined slots at each end to give a bit of adjustment when fitting to the vehicles factory fitted fixing holes.

To fit remove 1 screw from each cargo hoop left and right, place supplied spacer on top of the cargo hoop, inline with the tapped hole, place the rail over the top and drop the supplied quick release hand knobs through and tighten, that’s it ready to add fork mounts.

Fitting 1 – 2 bikes Once fitted to your vehicle the t-nuts (supplied with the Extrusion fitting Fork Mounts) just slip in from above so you don’t need to worry about bashing the end caps off. Your Fork Mount/ Mounts can then be dropped on, finger knobs located in the t-nuts and positioned straight or straddle both slots to angle the bars for closer nesting, then tighten.

Fitting 3 – 4 bikes Your going to need one of our off-set plates added to each of you fork mounts (these can also be added for 1-2 bikes 😉 These do exactly what it says on the tin, it allows your bikes to be off-set so you can nest them nice and close, There is no right or wrong way to fit them because it all depends on what size your ride is !

*Don’t worry if you have already purchased one of our surface mount Fork Mounts we’ve got you covered, just buy the separate fixing kit when adding the rail to your basket 😉

Specification:Casino pride goa rules.

1200mm Rail has a fitting pitch from centre to centre of fixing point of 1010mm – 1140mm, if this doesn’t work for you then get in touch and we will see what we can do to help 😉

T Slot Rails For Jigs 48 Inch

What you get:

T-slot Aluminum Rail

  • 1 x 80mm wide x 16mm High x 1200mm Long Twin T-Slot Extrusion Rail with slots each end
  • 2 x End Caps
  • 2 x Clamping Spacer
  • 2 x M10 Hand Knobs with fitted Stainless Stud
  • 2 x M10 Washers