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Dealer's choice poker games are special variations on casino favorites, such as Super Texas Hold em. Dealer's choice games are not generally found in poker tournaments, online poker sites or at casinos. These are usually played in private home games as a way to add more excitement or level the playing field. Super Texas Hold em is a variation of traditional Texas Hold em that plays relatively the same except that players are dealt an extra hole card.


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Super Texas Hold em Rules

The rules of Super Texas Hold em are almost identical to regular Texas Hold em, so a basic understanding of that game is required in order to enjoy the variation. In Super Texas Hold em, players are dealt three hole cards to start with, as opposed to the two hole cards that are dealt in Texas Hold em. However, in Super Texas Hold em players must use at least one of their hole cards, whereas in Texas Hold em it is possible to win with a hand made entirely of community cards. You may use as many hole cards in your hand as you like.

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The game play in Super Texas Hold em is similar to most Hold em variations. Play begins with one player making the large blind, the player to his left making the small blind and everybody else paying into the ante. Players are dealt three hole cards which are kept private, and then a round of betting begins. You may fold, raise or check the bet during betting rounds. Three more cards are dealt to the community during a round called the Flop. This is followed by a round of betting. Next, an additional card known as the Turn is added to the community hand and another betting round begins. Finally, the last community card known as the River is dealt to the community and players have one last chance to bet before the showdown. At the showdown, the player with the best five card hand using a combination of hole cards and community cards will win the pot. Crown casino pilot jobs.

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Super Texas Hold em Strategy

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The strategy you would use in a typical game of Texas Hold em will apply in Super Texas Hold em. You want to be aggressive when you have a good hand, fold when you have a lousy hand and try to bluff your opponents as best as possible. The addition of another hole card, however, make the pre-flop round much more important. It is possible that you could be dealt a three of a kind or suited connectors that could make for a flush or straight. Likewise, you could have a small pair to start with and easily end up with a full house or two pair as early as the flop. Having strong hole cards can make it easier for you to play looser and more aggressive as you have more chances of finishing with the best hand. You will want to pay attention to how players wager before the Flop as this can be an indication of how strong their hole cards are. It is harder to bluff players into folding before the Flop in a Super Texas Hold em game.