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We recently went to Winstar for the 311 concert. My husband is a die hard 311 fan so we’ve seen them quite a few times. I’m kind of surprised they even still tour. But that’s neither here nor there. We picked up our friends Will and Lisa and headed out of town on Saturday around noon. The drive is only about an hour and 15 mins (of course that depends on where you’re coming from). But it was a super easy drive, all highway. Scarica gioco blackjack gratis. That was everyone’s first time to visit Winstar. Brian and I had been to Choctaw so I felt like we had a good baseline for comparison. They are both OK casinos, so not the Vegas experience but still a fun weekend or overnight trip. So today I thought it’d be fun to compare the two. See my detailed Choctaw post HERE.
Room rate – Winstar charges a hefty rate per night. $369 base rate + $10.70 resort fee + $44.28 taxes = $423.98 and this is a basic room. Nothing special. That is pretty pricey! Our room at Choctaw was right around $200/night so more than half the cost of Winstar. Verdict: Choctaw wins

I didn’t get a picture of the Choctaw room, but this is Winstar. They were very similar rooms.
View from our Winstar room:
Pool – this is a prime reason why you go on vacation, right? It is for me at least. There better be a nice pool where I can relax and sip on tasty drinks. The pool at Choctaw is FAR superior than Winstar’s pool. Choctaw also has the upper hand on servers. They are much easier on the eyes and professional. Choctaw also specifically had a children’s pool and “adult only area” which was great. I did not see either a separation at Winstar. Choctaw even had a grotto and the cute string lights everywhere. You know the ones. They make everything a little more adorable. Verdict: Choctaw wins.

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Drinks by the pool @ Winstar
Winstar Pool:
Choctaw Pool:
Spa – the spa at Choctaw was very nice. I’d even go as far as to say it was comparable to a high end Vegas spa. There was a mineral pool that was co-ed so Brian and I could get in together, which was nice. It was only $8 to use the spa so we definitely went and utilized the steam room after a night of drinking. We did not use the spa at Winstar so it’s not fair that I weigh in. I did look on the website though and there aren’t any pictures which I find strange. Verdict: Not enough info to call, but I was definitely impressed with Choctaw’s.
Concerts – the Offspring/311 concert was the main reason why we visited Winstar and I’ll give them credit. They do seem to pull in some pretty decent acts. Our friend is a drummer in a pretty well know band and I think he got around $15K for his part in their show there. So based on that, the average payout for a show is probably around $120K. This is a pure guess based only on the information I have. We saw the Dwight Yoakam concert at Choctaw. They also have concerts but definitely not the caliber of performers as Winstar. Winstar’s space is also MUCH larger. I recommend paying extra for the VIP experience. The leg room is out of this world!!! Choctaw has a much smaller venue. So depending on what you like this could be a pro or a con since it’s more intimate. Verdict: Winstar wins.
Restaurants – both have plenty of choices including both high and low end. We ate at the high end 1832 Steakhouse at Choctaw and just ended up grabbing pizza at Winstar (it was delicious tho!). We tried to get a reservation at Kirby’s Prime Steakhouse at Winstar but we waited too long. So my only piece of advice is book early if you know you want to try their fine dining. Verdict: Winstar wins since they offer more options.
Casino – Winstar has the bigger casino BY FAR. In fact, it’s the biggest in the world. It was kind of too big if you ask me. Brian and Will played some late night poker and they said it literally took them 20 mins (not exaggerating) to walk from the main casino area to the poker area. WOW. But with a bigger casino comes more cigarette smoke. Winstar’s casino smelled very smoky which is a huge turn off to me. They need to up their air filtration game. Choctaw’s casino was much more intimate and cozy. It didn’t have the smoky odor either. Both have your typical casino games and both charge an ante per hand (I personally find that uber annoying). They also both do not offer free drinks with game play (also uber annoying). But at least at Choctaw they had waitresses that came around that you could order drinks from. We never saw any at Winstar.
So who is the winner? Well, it depends. What brings you to OK? Is is a nice pool/spa getaway? Then Choctaw would be your hands down winner. Is it a concert? Then Winstar would probably win. Is it gambling? Well, you’ll be happy at either. So it’s just kind of your preference. Both were really fun weekend getaways! 😊

Les Uab vsga casino tornado.

The free Winstar slot game is present online thanks to its developer, the Blueprint Gaming company. It is created in a futuristic style with sounds and colors that fit in the colorful space theme. To tell the truth, graphics are not cutting-edge but are decent enough for players to enjoy the gameplay and the features that Winstar offers.

Winstar’s Slot Interface

Just as every up-to-date machine, this one provides its players with the Auto Play option. 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 rounds are at your choice once you want to set the number of spins that are about to be played automatically. Regardless of your setting, the option can be shut down with just one click. Remember that it plays based on the wager amount that was set before the Auto was triggered.

Bonus Features

There are no Free Spins or any other bonus featured. However, this gambling machine is worth playing because of the progressive price it provides, plus the special card.

Mystery Icon. An interesting fact is that there is no Wild or Scatter icon in this game. The only special symbol is the Mystery one. This icon spins until it reveals a random card that can be any card present in the game. This random icon, as well as others, pays according to the “Paytable”. Once you set your stake, check this window in order to see how it reflects the prices.


Betting with Winstar Slot Machine

Setting the stake is suitable for beginners – all you need to do is configure the total bet. No need to change the coin value or number of lines since they are non-changeable by default. There are 10 line patterns, and you can see them only in the “Paytable” window.


The “Paytable”, however, reveals much more info next to this one; it shows you all the icons, their values, and explains how to win the progressive jackpot (see below). Bet changes from only 0.20 coins, therefore, Winstar game is a penny slot. However, the highest stake is $500, which is higher than the average wager found online.

Progressive Price

Those who are familiar with progressive slots know that the stake must be set on max if you wish to have any possibility of earning it. Otherwise, you just contribute to the big pool price but are still not eligible for winning it. Therefore, machines such as this one are best to spin with max ($500) wager. Winning the jackpot happens as a random event – you must turn all five reels gold.

Facts Increasing your Chances

  • If you play the “demo” mode, you’ll be given 1000.00 credit balance, to begin with. In this case, there is no need to wager the highest of 500 or you may finish the gameplay in just 2 tries;
  • The RTP is unknown;
  • Other than the progressive payment, the regular jackpot is $25.000. This price is paid once a player hits 5 silver star cards on the screen;
  • The second most paying symbol is the red star. It pays a little less than the previous one – $20.000;
  • You can switch between the turbo and the regular gameplay mode. The reels will spin faster than usual with the turbo one. Nonetheless, it won’t make any difference when it comes to the outcome.

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Who Can Play Winstar Free Slot?

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The free version is available to anyone with access to the Slotozilla online casino, or any other site that offers this game. Though download is not required, mobile users can install the “Free Slots” app and play right from their phones.