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Roulette Strategies, compared to other Roulette strategies, is here with Roulette strategies that work and are the most successful Roulette strategies. Should these Roulette strategies not be the most successful, guarantees that it is constantly working to not only edit and improve these strategies but also update them for customers who’ve already. The 3/2 Roulette System The 3/2 system is designed to generate high frequency wins and modest profits. It uses a combination of red/black bets with column bets to increase the likelihood of achieving at least one win per bet each round while keeping a healthy bankroll for much longer than other roulette systems.

Dear Friend,
My name is Chris Kaas. Over the past years I have been living a comfortable and luxurious life in the beautiful city of Nice, France. Together with my beautiful yet voluptuous wife Ghita and my two children Lucie and Lara, we enjoy the best things in this part of the world. I am proud to say that by reaching the top of my game earning more than $20,000 a month, I was able to get rid of my low paying day job. The difference is beyond compare my friends. Being stuck on a 9 to 5 job for 10 years certainly leads to boredom. However that picture is now completely poles apart, today I can do all the things I always wanted to do. Together with my close friends Thomas and Frank from Monaco we go surfing, sailing, and having moonlight Bar-B-Q right here in the confines of my Mediterranean beach villa.

And at this very instance I also want you to get a glimpse and feel what good life lies ahead for each and every one of you. Today you will get the chance to know what my casino money making machine is all about. And the best part of it is it is yours for free. Yes absolutely free, you don’t have to pay anything for this wonder system of mine that made me as to what I am now, a very successful player. Why am I doing this? Well for starters, it has proven its effectiveness for over ten years in the running thus I’ve already benefitedtremendously from this system. Not being greedy if I may add.

There are a lot of roulette systems out there for online casinos but what I have developed was a passive income generating secret roulette system which is not known to the public as of yet, for it was recently launch. And for this reason I want you to have it. This roulette system suits perfectly well in many online casinos thereby players can exploit it to their advantage. With the use of my roulette system you can cash out a lot of money all the way to your bank account.

Roulette Systems That Work 70% Win

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Despite today’s economic downturn, 2009 ushered with continued vigor in the online businesses offering plenty of opportunities to make money via this process. Every day we witness new systems with online money making themes sprouting like mushrooms. Evidently quite a number of individuals gained financial rewards from such new and innovative schemes. However a greater majority just ignored this potential internet money generating business. In fact I recently came across an item about a 17 year old girl who parlayed over $1,000,000 over a 2 year period on online business. This is really awesome, wouldn’t you agree? And not to be outdone I will be gifting you with my successful secret roulette system ready for use today.

What I benefited from my roulette system made me decide to quit my former job. And so far I am completely satisfied with the decision I had made..

(This Is Me)

..Living a life at ease together wife my loving wife and adorable children seems perfectly well for me. For this is what drives me to be always at my potential. However I want you to also enjoy the comforts of life it may bring by acting fast and due haste. Do not miss this chance of a successful roulette system that will bring you improved financial standings. Be wise and prudent enough and get hold of my free roulette system.
In today’s world of business financial success is always attributed to hard work and perseverance. And this holds true to what I had encountered in my pursuit of a roulette system that willultimately give me a winning edge. It wasn’t easy to my recollection, I’ve spent days and nights trying to figure out which system and how to use such a system works well in my betting system. This without saying I used up quite a bundle of cash trying all roulette systems and software available in the market.
However I was able to devise a system from all the roulette data presented before me. When the time came for me to try this new found roulette elixir, I wasted no time not a second more to go online and started winning little by little. Until the day I was winning an average of more than $500 a day I told myself this is what a correct roulette system should do. Winning roulette at your own pace, meaning to say I can control my winnings without much cash exposure. Now don’t you feel safe with that kind of betting?

Successful People Always Acts Swiftly to Gain an Upper Hand

Quickly, let us examine some roulette system that you are familiar with and I will give you one great system that you, right can use to make money at roulette, right now, then tell me the difference. I’m sure you already know the success of online poker, it’s practically everywhere. In both print and broadcast media online poker is highly promoted. Unfortunately playing online poker is not the easiest money making online business today. This is the very reason I came up with an idea sharing my experiences with my roulette system that has provided me with almost everything in life.

Effortless Way To Make Money in Any Online Casino

Every time you play online casino, choose roulette as your game of chance. Well, this is where my roulette system works right? For those who don’t have any inkling what roulette is all about, I give you a recap. Roulette is played by guessing where the ball will finally rest on a number with a corresponding color, it’s that simple. It’s the betting that intimidates players, which is why I’m here to help you win.

To win at roulette constantly IS possible.

Only takes 10 minutes to learn this awesome roulette system.

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Your First Steps To Success

First thing to do in order to apply my successful roulette system, you need to download and install the software for free. Simply use the link below. Any software you download from this website is absolutely safe and computer friendly. EU and UK-Players

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You can also copy and paste the text link into your browser below:

Important: The Casino Software only works with Microsoft Windows. So if you are using Apple MAC please go to the flash version and sign up directly online. To play with the flash version please click here

Over the years I have tested a number of casino software and came to the conclusion that that the software which I offer you on this website works best to ensure a risk-free application of my roulette system. I highly recommend to use the download links on this website. And another thing I received letters from our valued friends telling me that some of them are being banned from certain casinos, again I recommend to use only “CasinoClub” or “Rushmore Casino” for they will still allow you to play even if you are winning in thousands of $$$.

Disclaimer: Please do not try this in any other casino that I do not recommend. I cannot guarantee fair play as random number generation may be different together with the table limit. By simply playing at “CasinoClub” or “Rushmore Casino” you are assured of fair and has greater chances to win.

How to gamble to win roulette constantly

  • You just choose between Red and Black and bet a minimum amount of $1 on every spin. Let's assume you wager a bet on red. The wheel spins and red wins. Congratulations! You win the bet and you now have $2.

  • But what are you doing if the ball falls into a black pocket? You lost your bet. Really? Try the following and bet double the amount of the previous bet on red after you lost the bet before. That means you place a bet of 2€ on red. 2 possibilities arise:
    1. Red wins: Your total now is $4. This came from doubling your bet to $2. In the first bet you have placed $1, in the second round $2. Summing up the amount of your two bets which totals $3, you now deduct that from your winnings of $4 giving you a grand total of $1 win. Not bad!
      What did we learn from this? The loss incurred on your first spin did no harm at all. You made the right decision by doubling you bet in your second spin. This allows you to protect your bet from further losses. What follows is that you always win even if you lose at your first spin.

    2. Black wins: So you lost two in a row, big deal. Again you refer to my roulette system and it suggests that you double your bet on the next spin on the same color.
      Let us now assume that red wins, When this happens you will win a total of $8.How was I able to get that, simple I won and doubling my bet on each spin made things possible for me. In order to have a clearer picture let us add all our investments based on the 3 spins. And from there let us deduct sum from our winnings of $8. $8-($1+$2+$4) = $1. Even if you lost on your first and second spin you were able to get back and mange to win an amount equivalent to your first bet. Rule:

You Will Win By Doubling Your Bets Regardless the

Number of Times You Have Lost

But What If Black Comes Out On Every Spin?

Permit me to explain the mathematical probabilities of same color coming on every bet. Chances are the higher the number of the same color to win consecutively the less probable that same color to win. In other words, if a color wins three consecutive times the lesser it will win as the number of spins increases. It is unlikely that the same color wins more than six consecutive spins. Although this can happen the probability of a win is low. To further illustrate we will now conduct our experiment with a dice:

Throw the dice and see if you can get the same result that is to have the same number to come out in consecutive turns. I am sure that you will not get the same winning number consecutively in 6 throws. Mathematically speaking, the likelihood of each single event, in this case the '6', has to be multiplied by the number of times you want to dice the '6', that means the chance to get one '6' is 1/6= 16,6%, the probability to get 2 twice win for a '6' in a row is 1/6 x 1/6 = 1/36= 2,7% and the likelihood to get 3 times a '6' in a row is 1/6 x 1/6 x 1/6 = 1/216= 0,46%, now isn’t that a very low rate of probability?. From this experiment we can therefore conclude that likelihood to lose continuously in consecutive spins decreases and becomes really very very low (approaches zero) after a certain number of spins. This is called in mathematics parlance as the “Law of Greater Numbers”, and not even a parliament can amend that law.

In analyzing my roulette system limit yourself only on worst case scenarios. I may say that you were no able to properly implement my winning roulette system. Nevertheless below is another approach to my roulette system.


1) You bet $1 on red! Ball falls into 'black' pocket.Blackjack strategy probability.

2) You bet $2 on red! Ball falls into 'black' pocket.

3) You bet $4 on red! Ball falls into 'black' pocket.

4) You bet $8 on red! Ball falls into red pocket.

You win at roulette $16..

(My Friend Mike)

From the example above your investment as thus $1+$2+$4+$8=$15, you give yourself a net profit of $16-$15 =$1. Keep in mind that the probability of this case is already very, very low.

After this I will give you a fantastic possibility to try this roulette system yourself for free so gear-up with me! Rule:

You Always Win The Amount You Placed On Your First Bet

A good example will be if you place a $1 in your first spin and lost this spin, you have to double your bet to $2 and if you lose again, double your previous bet to $4 and so on.

I recommend that you start with the minimum bet for most online casinos and that is $1.

Free Roulette Systems That Work

  • You start off with a minimum bet of $1 and place it on Red or Black (I choose here Red)

  • You stay on that same color and doubling that bet every time you lose. Bet on that same color until Red wins

  • After you win on Red, start betting on the other color which is black. Bet the same amount with your starting bet of $1.
  • However when starting a new bet that is after a win you do not double your bet but always start with the minimum bet of $1.

Some Words About The 'Zero'

When the ball falls on Zero you take it as it is. In other words you lose as in the same manner as losing to a different color. Here you still double your bet on your next bet. Remember treat zero as the way you handle losing bets. Double after each zero.

After applying this roulette system you will see within minutes that you start to win at roulette big money!

Getting Started

Were you able to follow my roulette system? Any time you feel you’re are up to it, you can immediately start using my roulette system and make money at roulette. Word of advice though, it is much better if you try to use play money first before plunging in on some real money. Follow my instruction carefully and you will not go wrong. Any deviation in my rules governing my roulette system may lead you to total destruction at the table. Be sure to read all instructions very carefully and understand all messages that I give.
At first just try my roulette system which is risk free, put it first on safe practice mode as I have recommended before.

Well in case you have not yet started with our roulette system then simply download the Casino Software using the links below as provided. I guarantee that any software you download in this site is safe and computer friendly.

Although Casino Club prohibits US-Players, you can still play using my roulette system at Rushmore Casino to make some good $$$

Process of signing up is simple at Rushmore Casino, next step is to download the software and you will see how it works immediately.

Rushmore Casino offers US Players up to 2400$ bonus for their first deposit.

Step 1

Choose the casino you want to download by clicking on the right button. The download is free at all. All casino software you can download on this website is 100% secure and what’s more you can “Play for fun”, so you can test my roulette system without having to risk of losing real money. As I have suggested over and over, start with the Casino Club at first. It's the best casino I know at the moment to play roulette systems like mine and to make money at roulette on a daily basis, not risking to loose any winnings because of casino terms or player bans or anything like that.

Step 2

You can now install this secure software and start making money.

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Step 3

After installation just create a free player account. Just like any other site you choose a nickname and password and don’t forget to sign the all important license agreement. Don’t forget you date of birth and address as this is important, we all know that only legal age individuals can play at the casino.

If you fear spam or mail advertisement just enter some slightly different data except your name. It will still work just the same. So when you are ready to go write down your name and password, go ahead make your day!

After you have finished the sign-up? Click on the buttonLogin. Well, the software will now validate your account. You will now see two options to play which is visible on top of the screen. “Real Play Mode” and “Practice Play Mode”. My roulette system works on these two modes so you don’t have to worry about anything.

If you want to practice a few rounds before getting into the money mode then chose 'practice mode'. But if your eager enough to parlay big bucks them choose 'real play mode'. It’s all that simple folks.
Once you’ve entered a choice select “European Roulette” and click the 'join'-button.

Hey there’s another option here, you can play 'turbo mode' and this gives you a chance to play and earn money more quickly. Remember I told you to start with a bet of $1 and do what I said. You can choose between red or black, it’s your choice. Now in case you made incorrect moves just click the right mouse button.

Now to start making some money at roulette, play like I told you from our first part of this site and you will not go wrong.

If you want to see some result of my game, see the screenshot at the right. I started with $1000. See what happened!

Step 4

After playing “Practical Play Mode” I’m sure that you have witness the effectiveness of my roulette system and it is now time for you to play the real thing and start playing for real money.
First thing you have to do is deposit an amount which I recommend to be around $100-$150. This is the amount that works best for my roulette system. At the moment do not be bothered too much by the amount of deposit. You can easily refund this money anytime through your account. Start playing real money by clicking on the menu -> CASHIER -> Deposit -> Credit Cards.
Now here’s the best part after depositing you $150, you get an additional freebie in the tune of hold your breath. it’s a double of the amount you deposited for new players like you. (NEW: $500 Summer Special Bonus, see below)
As a general rule the higher your deposit will be the higher your bonus you will get. Casino Club is so generous that they give you 100% bonus! This means that your deposit of $150 is now $300 to play with at this online roulette casino.

The Casino Club casino offers a host of deposit methods that are secure such as credit cards, bank transfer, Moneybookers, EWalletXress, ePassporte, Western Union and many more. However I feel that with credit card being use for deposit is the easiest way and more secured, You see all casino club payments are handle by 'webdollar' a very realizable organization handling secured payments. All data are encrypted so no one can get access to those data. By the use of credit cards you can still avail of features that will help you if you determine a fraudulent transaction. You can always have a refund in a matter of time. In case you don’t have credit cards you can avail of other methods such as bank transfer, moneybookers and a host of other sources. For your convenience check on your CASHIER menu and find out what’s best fo
r you.

Step 5

Have you made money yet? Well it’s about time that you tell your friends and relatives about this great roulette system that really works. All you have to do is send them a link of the website. They too can enjoy what you are getting and that is money!


For more personalize offers or what we call non-public promos please feel free to write to me at the address below:

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at Rushmore Casino now.

Improve Your Game

Perhaps you want tosave time!

Quicken your way to make money at roulette!
Were you successful? In that case Congratulations! Now you might want to try to increase your bets.
Assuming you won $500 and you want to win in short time possible then simple raise your bet to $5.
You can be guided by the table below using an increase bet to $5:

Starting Capital Amount Of The First Bet

Like most online casinos the Casino Club casino offers bonuses to new players. There is a great chance that you will be doubling your money even if you did not have started playing yet! That's great, isn't it ? And I recommend to each and every one of you to take advantage of these bonuses for they are free. And after gambling awhile you can cash out with all your bonuses plus your money. It's that simple!

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No casino in the world would let their players win at roulette so much money that easily; it is my roulette system that allows you to win consistently. More online casinos are out there in cyberspace and each one tends to outdo the other but very few offer great advantages for players such as bonuses and an effective roulette system. Furthermore there are distinct advantages that online casinos have over the real casinos. One of these advantages is online higher payout which reaches 99.9%. No real life lottery or casino can give you that kind of payout. In fact when you gamble online you can start with small bets to get a feeling of what it is like. Another reason is to caution yourself from heavy losses. You can consider that playing online you gamble anonymously nobody will know who your if you like privacy and enjoy the comforts of your home gambling. The rise in popularity of Online Casinos means that they can afford keeping players which cost them money as the losses of untalented players make up for the winnings of strong players. Therefore they are still making good money running their business.
Important: Always gamble with a system. Like everything else in life you need a plan or a system that can help you attain your goal and the use of a gambling system is one way to achieve that goal. I therefore urge you to make use of my roulette system and gamble wisely. I wish you all the best and for you to reach your goal of constant win at an early stage.

Many Blessings,

Chris Kaas

I have to hand it to you, your roulette system really works. In just 3 days of playing I made close to $1,000. I am lucky I found this site.

--Robert Black, Florida

Ola! My name Antonia Ramirez from Mexico. I am thankful that I stumbled on this great roulette system. It is perfect for my game because it made me money lots of time.

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I am so happy that I won $300 from just playing an hour using this roulette system.

--Hans Berger, Switzerland

I think this is the real thing. The method is reliable and it really works. I’ve been profiting from online casinos for three years now. It is a very helpful tool that every player can benefit. The method IS working! I've been making money at online casinos in a similar way for three years! One word of warning - watch the table limits! I once lost 200$ (online winnings, not my own cash) because the table kept coming up red to often! To avoid the system catching on to what you're doing, change tables every 20 minutes or so and don't get greedy. Doing so the system is a 100% winner!

--Ron Williamson, Sweden

Your Roulette System has entirely changed my outlook towards making money. It lets me generate more money. The system is a surefire winner. Winning is such a breeze! It is simply amazing how winning can be so easy, it completely changed how I look at money. Your System is a killer. Thanks a lot for giving me this information.
--Katie Johnson, Australia
A Big Yes for this method! I tried it and I love what it did for me. This method does work; I tried it a while ago. I love your Roulette System. I don't know what else to say. I will send this information to everyone I know.

--Amily Morgan, UK

I am completely blown away. I like your Roulette System more and more each day because it makes my life a lot easier. You guys rock!

--Monroe Powell, France

Earn Money Fast How To Earn Extra Cash

At, we like to run experiments and share knowledge about casino games, so today we’re going to answer a question from our reader Brian from Sydney. Brian asked us “What’s the most successful roulette strategy?”, so we decided to put five popular roulette strategies to the test to find out.

Unlike other casino sites which pump out BS articles with headlines like How to Win Roulette on Every Spin, we want to give you real, accurate answers to your questions about roulette and other casino games. That’s why we’ve provided video evidence showing each roulette system in action. You can see for yourself what the best roulette strategy is rather than taking our word for it.

There are more strategies and systems out there than we could possibly cover in one post, and each of them claims to be the most successful roulette strategy. So, rather than cover every variation under the sun, we’ve decided to focus on five of the most popular roulette betting strategies, putting them to the test and finding out which gets the best results.

Under each roulette strategy below, we give a brief description of how it works and then put it to the test in the video you see under each section. We’ve tested these strategies over a number of spins of the wheel, and the results are clear to see in the videos below. These aren’t new roulette strategies but are some of the best-known and battle-tested systems out there.

The Martingale Roulette Strategy

One of the advantages of the Martingale roulette system is that it’s incredibly easy to understand. In effect, all you need to do is double the size of your previous bet until you win. The theory is that when you eventually do win, you’ll win back everything you have lost and the value of your original stake. This system only works on even money bets like red or black.

Let’s say you start by betting £5 on red and lose. Using the Martingale system, you double your next bet to £10 on red, for example. If you lose again, you double your next bet to £20, and so on.

Using the example above, if you won on the £20 bet, you would have won back £40, covering the £15 you had previously lost, plus the £20 stake, and leaving you up £5.

But does the Martingale work as an online roulette strategy? Up to an extent. You can profit from it short-term, but the key is knowing when to get out. If you keep betting, the odds of roulette will catch up with you, or you’ll hit a table limit which doesn’t allow you to double your previous bet. Here’s a clip of the Martingale roulette strategy in action:

The Paroli Roulette Strategy

If you’re a believer in winning streaks and dry spells, which we’ve all encountered when playing roulette and other casino games, the Paroli or ‘Reverse Martingale’ is likely to appeal to you.

When using the Paroli system in roulette, the idea is to do the exact opposite of what you do when using the Martingale – increase your bets when you win and lower them when you start losing. This way, you take advantage of win streaks when they occur and reduce your risk when lady luck decides to dance with someone else for a while.

Here’s an example of the Paroli roulette strategy at work:

You start by betting a smaller amount such a £1 per spin on red or black, even or odd, or high/low numbers. As long as you keep losing, you keep betting £1. When you win, you double the size of your bet to £2. If you win again, you double it again to £4, and so on.

The intelligent readers among you have probably already figured out that this roulette strategy requires perfect timing. If you keep doubling your bet and you lose, you’ll wipe out everything you have won and then some. Can you see why this is called the reverse Martingale, yet?

To use the Paroli system to win roulette, you’ll need to get out after a few wins in a row. Yes, it can cause your bankroll to grow quickly, but it relies on the winning streak lasting, and all experienced players know only too well that lady luck leaves just as fast as she arrives.

While we don’t recommend using the Paroli system for anything other than quick bursts when it feels right, we nonetheless wanted to put it to the test anyway. So, here’s our video showing the results of using the Paroli strategy to win roulette.

The James Bond Roulette Strategy

The James Bond roulette strategy is among the riskiest of those listed here, but its creator, Ian Fleming, claims that it is “foolproof”. We’ll be putting that claim to the test today.

To use the James Bond strategy, you need to place multiple bets worth £200 on a single spin. The idea is that you cover most of the possibilities, and you come out in profit no matter what happens. Of course, there’s always the possibility that the improbable happens and you wipe out.

Bet £140 on the high numbers from 19 to 36, risk £50 on numbers 13 to 18, and stick £10 on the zero for insurance. Note that this is based on a European roulette wheel, where there is only one zero to consider.

You have most of your bases covered here, but keep in mind that if numbers 1-12 come up, you’ll lose the lot. But what happens if you win?

If numbers 19 to 36 come up you’ll win £80.
If 13-18 show up, you’ll be up £100.
If the zero shows, you’ll win £160.

So, does the James Bond strategy really work? Let’s put it to the test.

The D’Alambert Roulette Strategy

The D’Alambert strategy is considered one of the safe roulette strategies. It involves way less risk than some of the others you see here, but as a result, the potential payouts are lower, too.

When using the D’Alambert roulette system, you increase or decrease bets by one unit, rather than doubling them like you would when using the Martingale or Paroli systems.

For example, start by placing a £1 bet on odds or evens. If you lose, increase your bet size by £1. If you lose again, increase it by another £1, for a £3 bet, and so on. This is far less risky than the Martingale and Paroli systems, but when you run the numbers, you’ll see that the potential payouts won’t cover what you’ve previously lost like the others. In this example, let’s say we win on the fourth bet with a total bet size of £4. We’ll win £4, get back our £4 stake, but we’ll have lost £6 in the runup to the bet. Therefore, we won’t have won.

Once you win, you’ll need to start decreasing your bets by £1, taking risk off the table in the knowledge that any win streak can only last so long. Of course, this also reduces the potential profits you can make when win streaks do come along.

The D’Alambert system is for risk-averse players, but we still wanted to give it a try in our hunt for the most successful roulette strategy. The following video shows our results.

The Fibonacci Roulette Strategy

Some winning roulette strategies attempt to conjure up mystique and intrigue by using the names of famous mathematicians, and this is a good example of that. Fibonacci was an Italian mathematician who came up with the now-infamous Fibonacci sequence in which the next number of the sequence is the sum total of the previous two.

The idea behind the Fibonacci roulette strategy is to follow the number system until you get a win, then move back two numbers and continue. You also always place bets on even money bets like Red/Black or Odds/Evens.

Roulette System That Really Works

For example, let’s say you start with a bet of £1 and lose. You’d then bet another £1, and if you lose again, bet £2, and if you lose again, bet £3, then £5, and so on. With the Fibonacci system, the amount you bet is always the sum total of the two previous bets.

The mathematically astute among you will already have realized that this system does not guarantee a win, and the losses can stack up pretty fast after a few bets. Both observations would be true.


So, what’s the point and does the Fibonacci strategy work? Check out the following video to see how using it worked for us.

The Most Successful Roulette Strategy Experiment – Our Conclusion

6 10 Roulette System

After trying the most popular five roulette strategies for real, our conclusion is as we expected – there’s no way to win roulette every time. All of these strategies have flaws and none of them increases your chances of winning roulette mathematically.

When looking for a roulette strategy to win, keep in mind that there are endless numbers of marketers out there who want you to believe that they have the best roulette strategy ever that will allow you to win consistently. We’re here to dispel such myths and tell you that it’s all gobbledygook – roulette odds don’t change because you’re using what you think is the most successful roulette strategy, and the house always has an edge no matter what bet you make.

We’re not saying you shouldn’t play roulette. It’s undoubtedly one of the most fun games in the casino and wins can grow dramatically when you go on a lucky streak. However, we are saying that most systems don’t improve your odds in the long run, and you shouldn’t believe they will actually help you win roulette more often.

So, to answer Brian’s question – what’s the most successful roulette strategy? None of them! The biggest roulette winners just had some fun and got lucky. The best strategy is to enjoy yourself, have fun, and walk when you’re ahead. Nothing will change the fact that online roulette game outcomes are determined by Random Number Generators which can’t be manipulated by human beings and fancy roulette systems.

We’re sorry if that’s not what you want to hear, but we believe in keeping it real. Persist in your quest for the best roulette strategy if you wish, but we’re telling you upfront that it’s futile.

Before you go, don’t forget to claim your roulette no deposit bonus!

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