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Shreveport is in the Northwest Area of Louisiana, known as the area of 'Sportsman's Paradise'. Shreveport Louisiana is well known to eastern Texas and Arkansas residents, as many of them have taken advantage of the short drive to the casinos (only 3 hours from downtown Dallas)! Shreveport Louisiana has a lot to offer, not only casinos, but a variety of entertainment and attractions for the Louisiana tourist.

Guests can enjoy all their favorite casino games on an authentic 19th century paddlewheel dockside riverboat and enjoy a stay in one of our luxurious guest rooms and suites. Riverboat Casino In Shreveport La. Amelia Belle 500 Lake Palourde Rd, Amelia, LA 70340, USA Image Credit. By 1998, 'according to the state Gaming Commission, just three of the 16 operations comprising Missouri's $652-million riverboat gambling industry were clearly on the main river channel.' The state supreme court had ruled. Sam's Town riverboat casino on the Red River, Shreveport, Louisiana A riverboat casino is a type of casino on a riverboat found in several states in the United States with frontage on the Mississippi River and its tributaries, or along the Gulf Coast.

Shreveport Louisiana was founded in 1836 as a way to link Louisiana, Texas and Arkansas along the Texas Trail, which ranchers used to move cattle and trade throughout the New World. Shreveport Louisiana was named after Captain Shreve, who used his ingenuity to clear a log jam in the Red River. Shreve opened up the river and helped it grow to a center of steamboat commerce. The city lost its viability in the river trade market after the Civil War and the onset of the railroad. In 1994, the Red River was back in use and has made Shreveport today a thriving port city.

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Riverboat Casino Shreveport Louisiana

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The beginning of riverboat gambling in the 1990's opened up a whole new tourism boom as Shreveport Casinos popped up for the locals who could enjoy a game of luck without having to go as far as Las Vegas. During this boom and the expansion of the Shreveport Casinos, there was a city wide renovation, where a river walk was built with fountains, brick sidewalks and neon lights installed on the Texas Bridge which made Shreveport travel a prime destination for local travelers.

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Across Red River is Bossier City, Shreveport's sister city. You will often find Shreveport referred to as Shreveport-Bossier for that reason. Shreveport-Bossier now serves as the center of trade extending into large portions Louisiana, Arkansas and Texas. Shreveport and Bossier offer many tourist attractions, cultural events, local festivals, and plenty of the famous Cajun and Creole cuisines. Thanks to the recent tourist boom you can fid plenty of Shreveport hotels and a few bed and Breakfasts for overnight stays.

Shreveport casinos are the number one attraction to this port city. Sam’s Town is one of the big casinos that brags “this is Vegas, Louisiana style.” If you are planning Shreveport travel, this casino is a hot spot. There are 514 rooms in this 23 story building that also houses a steakhouse, coffee house and buffet restaurants. They have craps, blackjack, roulette and slots, just like the big casinos in Vegas. There is even a luxury spa in-house in which you can pamper yourself after celebrating the nightlife in the Shreveport casinos.

Another one of the luxury Shreveport Casinos, and a premiere Shreveport travel destination, is the El Dorado Resort Casino. Like Sam’s town it is like a full casino resort in Vegas, with Louisiana charm. There is a full gaming Casino, Vegas style shows and a luxury spa. More Shreveport casinos can be seen at the dockside riverboat casinos, like the Casino Magic Riverboat and Horseshoe Riverboat Casino which is one of the largest riverboat casinos in the U.S.

Besides the casinos, there are plenty of other attractions in Shreveport LA. The Csi Port Discovery Center is a 67,000 square foot center with over 200 hands-on experiences, eight interactive discovery areas, and an IMAX Dome Theater. There is also gift shop and cafe inside the center. There are many nature attractions in Shreveport, LA like the Gardens of the Americas, the largest rose garden in North America. This Garden features 60 individually designed rose gardens on 118 acres.

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Like other prominent Louisiana towns, Shreveport is home to many festivals and events. One of the premiere attractions in Shreveport LA is in October when the State Fair of Louisiana comes to town. One of the biggest fairs in the U.S., there is a livestock show, Queen’s pageant and a big a carnival with 70 rides available. There is several other events during the year that celebrate the state and culture of Louisiana like the Red River Revel which has artisans, crafts and some of country music’s top artists.

Okada manila website. Other attractions in Shreveport LA include events for the outdoorsman like golf, fishing and river cruises. There are over ten golf courses to choose from, so you can take an afternoon on the golf course and finish up with a night on the town dining, dancing and playing your hand at the casino. Visiting Shreveport is a great way to experience the south and taste the excitement of a Vegas.

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