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Premier League
Nummer o teams20
Relegation taeEFL Championship
Domestic cup(s)FA Cup, League Cup
Internaitional cup(s)Champions League, Europa League
Current championsLeicester City (1st teetle)
Maist championshipsManchester United (13)
TV partnersSky Sports, ESPN
2015-16 Premier League

Premier League at PokerStars The freeroll league of the poker school at PokerStars is changing format next month. From now on, 1500 players are going to be residing in a 'Premier League' of the. The Premier League is an English professional league for men's association football clubs. At the top of the English football league system, it is the country's primary football competition. Contested by 20 clubs, it operates on a system of promotion and relegation with the English Football League (EFL; known as 'The Football League' before 2016–17). Welsh clubs that compete in the English.

The Premier League is a fitbaa league in Ingland an is the heichmaist league in the Inglis fitbaa league seestem. It is made up o twinty teams; for the current saison these are:

Clubs[eediteedit soorce]

in 2015–16
First saison in
tap diveesion
in top
in Premier
First saison of
current spell in
tap diveesion
Last tap
diveesion teetle
Arsenala, b2nt1904–05100251919–20132003–04
Burnleyc1st in the Championship1888–895432016–1721959–60
Chelseaa, b10t1907–0882251989–9052014–15
Crystal Palacea15t1969–701782013–140n/a
Evertona, b, c11t1888–89114251954–5591986–87
Hull City4t in the Championship2008–09552016–170n/a
Leicester City1st1908–0948112014–1512015–16
Liverpoola, b8t1894–95102251962–63181989–90
Manchester Citya4t1899–190088202002–0342013–14
Manchester Uniteda, b5t1892–9392251975–76202012–13
Middlesbrougha2nt in the Championship1902–0361152016–170n/a
Stoke Cityb, c9t1888–896192008–090n/a
Swansea Cityb, d12t1981–82862011–120n/a
Tottenham Hotspura, b3rd1909–1082251978–7921960–61
West Bromwich Albionc14t1888–8980112010–1111919–20
West Ham United7t1923–2459212012–130n/a
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  • Newcastle United, Norwich City an Aston Villa war relegatit oae the Championship for the 2016–17 saison, while Burnley, Middlesbrough an Hull City, as winners, runners-up an play-off final winners respectively, war promoted frae the 2015–16 Championship saison.
  • AFC Bournemouth, Stoke an Swansea are the anerly clubs tae hae remeened in the Premier League syne thair first promotion, haein played 2, 8 an 5 saisons (oot o 25) respectively.

a: Foondin member o the Premier League
b: Niver been relegatit frae Premier League
c: Ane o the oreeginal 12 Football League teams
d: Club based in Wales Age limit soaring eagle casino michigan.

London teams
Crystal Palace
Tottenham Hotspur
West Ham United
Location o clubs for the 2016–17 Premier League saison

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