Pocket Planes Plane Slots Cost

Welcome to the beginner’s guide and FAQ for the wildly popular Pocket Planes, a brand new iOS and Android game from the makers of Tiny Tower! Whether you are just starting out with the game, or you have some questions about how one or two things work, read on and you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

Pocket Planes Plane Slots Cost

Getting Started

The game’s premise is pretty basic, at least at first glance. Your goal is to load up one aircraft with passengers and/or cargo, and fly it from one airport to the next. To do this, when the aircraft is grounded and is on your screen, go to the row of 3 buttons in the lower left hand corner, and click the one on the far left. This will take you to a menu where you can see what available jobs you have for that aircraft. By default, the game will show you available jobs and hide the ones that you can’t do with that aircraft, but you can click the “All” button, to see all of them, the box button to see all cargo jobs, and the button that looks like a person to see all passenger jobs.

Hi guys new sky captain here. Iv recently rediscovered my loved for pocket planes but never really knew any of the meta when i played a few years back so I have a question. Which planes are best at which level ie. 1-3: 4-6: 7-9: 10-13: 14-17: 17-20: Thanks in advance for contributing to this important research. You’ll get yet another plane part. Keep doing this and you will be completely inundated with plane parts. To make this a cheaper affair, go find airports that are rated at 0.0M or 0.1M, which typically cost 1000 to 1500 coins to buy, and half that to sell. You can find a large number of these kind of airports in Canada, Alaska and Australia.

Next to the load-and-fly button in that button bar are the button that looks like the tower, and button that looks like an aircraft with a magnifying glass. The former lets you modify, advertise, upgrade or close your airport, and the latter lets modify, paint or shutter your aircraft, or change the pilot’s clothes.

Pocket Planes Plane Slots Cost Per

When you are watching an aircraft as it flies, coins will fly by. Tap on these coins to collect them. The small coin is worth just 1 coin, but the large coin, which is also a common one, is worth 10 coins, potentially making a plane trip a LOT more profitable. The giant coin appears about 2-4 times per minute. Every so often, a free Bux will appear. Make doubly sure to grab that.

Pocket Planes Plane Slots Costumes

The Airport Information ScreenOrder custom poker chips.

On the airport info screen, you can see all of the details on a particular airport, such as the population of the city it’s in and the airport size, all the way up to available layover slots and passengers or cargo. The “info” button gives you information about the city itself, while the “close” button lets you shut down an airport for good. The “airport upgrade” button lets you upgrade an airport to increase the amount of layover spaces, passengers and cargo that the airport offers. The “advertise” button allows you to “advertise” the airport, significantly increase the amount of people and shipments that fly in and out of the airport.

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We give you 10 tips, straight from the developer, on how to make your fleet a hit

There have been plenty of flight simulators over the years, but very few games have tackled the experience of being the CEO of a burgeoning airline. Pocket Planes does just that, putting mobile gamers in an airline boss's chair, letting them expand their service all over the digital globe.

Pocket Planes is all about time and resource management. You have to know where to expand, when to send out your planes, when to upgrade your fleet, and when to call it a day because all of your airports are snowed in. While some of these strategies might come to you naturally, we decided to go right to the source. Ian Marsh, one of the developers at Nimblebit, was kind enough to offer up 10 tips to running a successful airline. We've supplemented those tips with some handy advice on how best to implement them. With our help, you'll be running the next Pan Am in no time!

Marsh: This may sound obvious, but above starting with a full plane of passengers to drop off along your route, you get a 25% bonus in coins when your plane is full of passengers going to the same destination.

You'll maximize your profits by sending a full plane to the same location. A good way to do this (especially if you're trying to fill a plane with four or more seats) is to leave a half-full plane waiting at an airport. When new jobs come in, the passengers you've already loaded on your plane will remain, and the new jobs are likely to match them. Keep waiting until your plane is full of passengers all going to the same place. Of course, if you'd rather not babysit the game, you can always just send out the plane with a bunch of passengers or cargo going to around the same region. You won't get the 25% bonus, but it's better than nothing.

Marsh: Avoid clumping your cities in small groups, and unlock cities at the edge of the range of your planes.

Having two cities right next to each other is only helpful early in the game, when you're trying to make some extra scratch. Once you start expanding, note the range of your planes (indicated by a green circle whenever you're selecting your route). The idea is to expand to airports that are right on the edge, but still inside, that circle. That'll give you the most bang for your expansion.


Marsh: The straighter your route, the more profitable it will be. Avoid routes with large curves or sharp angles.

What did your math teacher always say? The quickest route between two points is a straight line. This remains true in Pocket Planes. If you're constantly sending your planes on routes that have sharp zigzags, you're not maximizing your profit. A good way to ensure this? Only expand to airports that are mostly level with your other airports. That way, all your routes will be mostly straight and you'll save on gas money.


Marsh: If you'd like to participate in an event halfway around the world, you can open up cities that have no connection to the rest of your airline. Just remove a plane or two and re-commission them wherever you like.

Worldwide events let you team up with friends to form a flight crew (might we suggest the #Polygon flight crew?) and send passengers and cargo to the same city over the course of a few days. Oregon casinos open. The chosen city is often well out of the range of any of the airports you've already built. You could try to spend a bunch of money, expanding all the way to the event, but there's an easier way. Just build an airport where the event is going down, and then build one or two airports in the vicinity of that event. You can decommission some of the planes already in service and then re-commission them in the area of the event (for the cost of a few Bux). Once the event ends, you can shutter those airports and move the planes back into your main route, cash in hand.

Marsh: If there is a leg of your route that only bigger planes can take, pool jobs at the endpoints with smaller planes! Unloading a job in a city other than their start city will save them until you can pick them up again.

The only way to make it from Los Angeles to Honolulu is to use a class 2 plane. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't fill up a class 1 plane with passengers or cargo heading to Hawaii! Just fill it up and send them to Los Angeles. Once they land, they'll wait as layovers until you're ready to pick them up with a class 2 plane. Even better, you'll still earn the full value of the flight, not just the value of going from LA to Honolulu.

Pocket Planes Plane Slots Cost Estimator


Marsh: Planes can be upgraded in three categories to give them slightly more range or speed, or make them a little cheaper to fly.

Upgrading planes can absolutely make your fleet more profitable, though you should be wary of how you upgrade, since it's liable to cost plenty of Bux. If one of your planes is just out of reach of a major airport, it might be a good idea to expand that plane's range by 5%, giving you that extra hop, skip, and jump. Just remember: Don't get attached to your planes. If you find yourself constantly needing to upgrade your fleet, it might be time for entirely new planes instead.


Marsh: You can save some Bux by collecting the three parts needed for a plane, then building it from the parts menu.

Even though you're given the option to buy whole planes in the market, you should always just buy parts. Buying three parts and putting them all together is always going to cost you fewer Bux than buying the whole plane in one go. Just be patient and keep checking the market, as the stock will change every 10 minutes or so.

Marsh: Sometimes it makes sense to close an existing airport to expand in other regions. Closing an airport gives you back half its cost and frees up construction of another airport.

This is a big one. Not only is it a good idea to expand into other regions, shutting down an airport ensures that no new jobs will request flying there. If you find that you keep sending jobs to Fairbanks but can't seem to get any decent jobs for the flight back, shut it down and expand into a larger airport. Which leads us to ..

Pocket Planes Plane Slots Costume


Marsh: Saving up for a blue or red city can really change the game due to the much higher number of jobs available in them.

Class 1 airports are the smallest, marked by a black dot. Class 1 airports get the fewest number of jobs, which makes it tough to fill planes. The best use of these small airports, especially once you have a few major airports, is to use them as puddle-jumpers. A single Class 1 airport can connect two major airports (blue or red) across a country, letting smaller planes make the trip while giving them tons of jobs when they finally get there.


Marsh: Plane parts can be sent to friends (at a small cost) making plane crafting that much easier through trades or sheer generosity!

If you happen to have a friend who is considerably farther ahead in the game, they're likely to be sitting on a bunch of planes and parts they don't need. They can break down those planes into parts and then send the parts to you at a relatively small Bux cost, giving you a leg up in your early game. Just don't resort to begging, please.