Pitch Black And Jack Frost Fanfiction


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Pitch Black And Jack Frost Fanfiction

Pitch x Jack


I should have never followed him. I should have never let myself fall for him. ' Ah! Yes more, harder!'

I never meant for things to go this far, especially after what he did to Sandy. I admin I'm not as mad as I should be about the others then I am about what he did to sandy. He was the only who had any kind of contact with me, even if it was only letting me play with his dream sand it was still more than the others ever did with me. ' Oh! Harder, faster yes so close!'

To tell the truth I'm not even sure how this happened. I followed the nightmares into his lair and we talked (yelled) at each other, then the next thing I know I'm on my back with him thrusting inside me making me forget everything but the sensation. 'No, don't stop more!'

I should have been fighting him, not falling for him. I think to myself ' what would the others say? What would they think especially North and Sandy?'

Pitch Black And Jack Frost Fanfiction Hermione

Then he would thrust into me hard and I would then realize that I didn't care right now because he has his hand on my neglected member and it felt so good! ' Yes, yes I'm cumming! Pitch!' I came screaming his name only to feel something warm inside me and he is cumming with my name on his lips. As we catch our breath he leans up and does the one thing I had hoped he would not do.he kisses me. I knew as soon as his lips touched mine I was gone for. I had fallen and he caught me. I knew I would never get away from him now. The bad thing was I didn't mind. I wonder if that makes me a bad person? I guess I'll never know but all I know is that I have fallen for the one person I shouldn't have and yet I don't regret it or the way he says my name. 'jack your mind now and I am never letting you go.' He says that like it's a bad thing so I reply with the only thing I can say, 'I d0n't mind' He looked at me in surprise before he says the three words that sealed the deal for me , sort of speak. I love you. Three simple words but they had me frozen in shock but eventually I smile as I wrap my arms around his shoulders and say to him, ' I love you too.' And so I kiss him. Then others will be horrified to know I have fallen for the enemy Pitch Black but again I am finding that I don't care. I laugh when I feel him harden again as he was still inside me before I let out a breathy moan as he shifts his position hitting that special spot inside that made me see stars. I have time to have one last coherent thought before all is lost in the sea of passion and it was ' If this is a bad thing then I will take it.'

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