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Pai Gow Poker is a Poker game with a twist. Parkwest Casino 580 968 North Canyons Parkway Livermore, CA 94551. Phone: (877) 580-8580. Details about registration, buy-in, format, and structure for the Livermore Casino 10:30am $120 NL Holdem - Bounty Tournament poker tournament in Livermore, CA.


The Poker Room has 6 tables. Mon thru Thus they run a morning and evening tourney that is a $35+$10 with unlimited rebuys 3,000 in chips for $20 (if below the 3,000 starting stack) up until the end of level 3 (15 minute levels). They also have an add-on $20 for 4,000 chips) and a rebuy that anyone can get no matter your chip count, $20 for another 3,000. You can get felted on the last hand of level three and for $80 get a fresh stack of 13,000 chips. I would guess that that average amount spent on the tourney is $100. I have only played the nightly, but it usually gets 30-40 players. They post the numbers from the morning tourney and they are in the same ballpark.

It is a common player pool and with so much variance and short blind levels, it can become a shovefest at the final table. Because of that I usually see that a deal is made to pay the final table $40 or $50. I have seen it as high as $80 per player.

Open face chinese poker scoring. Tournament registration begins 1 hour before starting time (No Call-In's) For more details, ask for the Tournament Director @ 925-447-1702 x 205.Requires 20 players minimum for 1. Livermore Casino 30 followers on LinkedIn. Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Blackjack, Pai Gow, 3 Card Poker, Baccarat & Panguine. Restaurant and Sports Bar. Specialties: Livermore Casino caters to those who desire to play in a relaxed and friendly environment with surroundings that have a western small town feel. We have: 24-hour gaming floor, full bar, and restaurant. Come check us out!

It is a fun, no pressure event. Friendly atmosphere, most of the players no each other and how they play.

Poker Livermore

Livermore Casino Poker Tournament

Casino In Livermore California

While the tourney is running the three tables left are usually split between $4-$8 LHO, $6-$12 LO8 and $1-$3NL. Us gambling tax refunds.

Livermore Casino Poker Tournament

The food is good and the waitstaff are always around.