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Alternative forms[edit]

  • horlogie(archaic)
  • horologie(obsolete)
  • orloge(obsolete)
  • orlogie(obsolete)


From Middle Dutchorlogie, from Old Frenchorloge, from Latinhōrologium, from Ancient Greekὡρολόγιον(hōrológion). The current spelling is directly borrowed from Frenchhorloge.


  • IPA(key): /ɦɔrˈloː.ʒə/
  • Audio
  • Hyphenation: hor‧lo‧ge
  • Rhymes: -oːʒə
Horloge Murale Casino


horlogen (pluralhorloges, diminutivehorlogetjen)

Horloge murale casino entertainment

Horloge Geant Casino Offres Horloge Murale Geant Casino. Cache Fils Tv Mural. Achat Horloge Pendule Pas Cher Retrait Gratuit Ou Livraison. Horloges Murales Cuisine.


Derived terms[edit]


  • Afrikaans: horlosie
  • Indonesian: arloji
  • Papiamentu: oloshi


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Silversands online casino south africa. From Latinhorologium. Cognate with Englishhorologe, Catalanrellotge and Spanishreloj.


  • (mute h)IPA(key): /ɔʁ.lɔʒ/
  • audio (une horloge)


horlogef (pluralhorloges)

Horloge Murale Geant Casino

Further reading[edit]

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