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So if you are ready to shop for an engagement ring, first of all congratulations! Being engaged to be married is certainly one of the most important and special times of one’s life.

However, there is a lot that goes into the decision of purchasing an engagement ring for your finance. So we have compiled this engagement ring guide to help you do just that.

We will cover all the major factors that you need to consider to help ensure you choose the best engagement ring for your situation. So here are the most important things for you to consider while you are shopping:

Determine Your Budget

There is no set amount or percentage of income that you must spend when buying an engagement ring. It all depends on what feels comfortable and feasible to you.

There are ways to find a diamond or other kind of gemstone that can help to balance quality and size that will suit your budget. There are also other budget-friendly options that you can consider, along with various types of payment options to help make the purchase more affordable to you.

The most important thing you should do before you ever go shopping for a ring is determine you budget and then stick with it.

How To Select The Right Gemstone

The most classic style of engagement ring always features a diamond in the center. However, you and your finance may prefer something more unique or different in style than this. Nearly 90% of all engagement rings do have a diamond that is featured.

The second most common gemstone for an engagement ring is the sapphire. So those two are your safest picks, unless you know your girlfriend prefers something more unusual.

Another reason why a diamond or sapphire is a good choice is because they are the hardest gemstones, which means they hold up every well to the daily wear and tear that are needed for engagement rings.

Sapphires are less expensive than diamonds, so if a center sapphire is selected you can get a larger gemstone for the same price. Sapphires are available in many colors, including deep blue, pink, yellow and other hues.

Choose The Shape Of Your Gemstone

There are ten standard shapes that diamonds are cut into. The most common by far is round, which makes up 75% of total diamond purchases. Due to their popularity, round diamonds are also more expensive than other shapes are.

Going with a non-round diamond, in fact, can save you as much as 40%. Some of the more popular and less expensive shapes are the cushion cut (in between a square and round shape, with softly tapered edges) and princess cut (square).

Select A Precious Metal

When it comes to engagement ring metals, the major choices are rose gold, yellow gold, white gold and platinum. The most popular choices are white gold and platinum.If you go to Jamesallenreviews you will find even more knowledge on this issue.

These two metals have a very similar appearance. However platinum costs around 50% more and is also more durable.

Select A Style Of Engagement Ring

Would your finance prefer something more vintage and detailed or modern and sleek? Understated or dazzling with diamonds? Choosing a ring style and setting can be the most difficult parts of purchasing an engagement ring.

To help guide your decision, consider the type of furniture, art and clothing that your finance appreciates, in addition to her jewelry. They should help provide you with some clues on whether she would prefer a ring that was glamorous, inspired by nature, modern, classic or some combination of these.

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Consider Purchasing An Antique

If your finance loves vintage decor, clothing or jewelry, or loves old books and moves or is a history buff, then there is a good chance she will absolutely love an antique or vintage engagement ring.

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Rings from previous eras tend to be unique and offer a romantic sense of history that many women truly adore. They often cost less new rings of similar quality as well.

Consider Going Custom

If you or your finance are artistic types or you really want to propose with an engagement ring that is completely unique, then you should think about working with a jewelry designed who can design a custom engagement ring for you.

Determine Her Ring Size

If you don’t already know your finance’s ring size and are trying to determine what her ring size without asking her, that can be tricky. The most common ring size for women is 6-6.5. It is better to err on the larger side of things.

One thing you could try doing is sneaking a ring out of her jewelry box and then taking it to have it sized at a jeweler’s. A majority of rings can be re-sized, so check to see what your jeweler’s re-size policy is if you are unsure of your finance’s ring size.

Consider Giving A Semi-Surprise

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If surprising your girlfriend with an engagement ring to propose is something you would like to do but you feel overwhelmed with having to choose the right ring size and style, you can think about buying a diamond or other kind of gemstone and then getting it set into a temporary ring setting. Then the stone can be re-set later into your finance’s choice of settings.

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As you can see, there are many different factors and choices that go into choosing an engagement ring. Fortunately, there is plenty of information and expertise help available to assist you.