Crown Casino Christmas Day 2019

Crown Casino is one of the largest and most dazzling gaming facilities in the Southern Hemisphere offering an incredible array of gaming options in a vibrant and sophisticated setting. Aperto (Mostra altri). Book in for the big day and enjoy all your foodie faves without the stress. From fancy fine dining to casual eats, these spots are open on 25 December. Special Christmas day menus 24 Dec - 25 Dec.

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Crown Sydney is one of the most anticipated projects in Sydney, as it will give a new look to the Barangaroo waterfront area. The massive addition to the area will include a hotel, apartments, restaurants, and a VIP-focused casino.

Construction on the project finally began in 2016, though sometimes stalled periodically due to legal battles and other red tape. Though the estimated completion date has changed numerous times, it is now expected to open on Christmas Day 2020. That’s what James Packer says, anyway.

Packer Visits Sydney Site

Earlier this month, billionaire investor and largest Crown Resorts shareholder James Packer emerged from a mostly self-imposed exile from public life to tour the Crown Sydney development site. He seemed pleased with the progress of the $2.4 billion project at Barangaroo.

In fact, Packer was so pleased that he announced to the media that it would open to the public on Christmas Day this year.

The dates for the opening of the property have changed numerous times. When the project first began, the opening date was expected to be early 2020 for the first tower and the end of 2020 for the rest of it. But along the way, due to numerous battles over the height of the tower and other major details, the opening was delayed. Most expected it to open sometime in 2021.

Packer was particular, though, by naming Christmas Day of this year in his first public appearance in more than a year.

“It’s really pleasing,” Packer said to the media, referring to the opening being three months earlier than planned. “We are truly indebted to our builders, architects and tradies who have made this possible.”

Mid-2019 Issues Resolved

As mentioned, the Crown Sydney project had been delayed numerous times. The most significant and lengthy problem had to do with the height of the tower.

Crown Resorts believed they paid a price for the property that included an exclusive view of the harbor. At one point, Crown and its building partners discovered that the Barangaroo Delivery Authority(BDA), run by the New South Wales government, took bids from other companies for taller buildings that would hinder the Crown tower view.

The two entities went to court, and the battle moved through to the NSW Supreme Court. In December 2018, that court ruled for Crown, ruling that the BDA violated its development agreements with Crown and co-plaintiffs Lendlease.

An appeal by the BDA resulted in a settlement. The details were not publicized, but the NSW government dropped its appeal, and Crown retained its claim to the exclusive views.

Crown Sydney Project Details

The website dedicated to the project, which still boasts of an early 2021 opening date, gives insight into the new destination for visitors to Sydney. It is described as a “pinnacle of modern design that harmoniously brings together an opulent hotel, prestigious apartments, signature restaurants, premium gaming areas and a lavish spa.”

One Barangaroo will be the tower of residences – 82 of them – with views of the Sydney Harbour and its landmarks. Learn texas holdem online. The apartments range from 2-bedroom to 6-bedroom homes with some Duplex Penthouses as well.

Packer purchased two floors of the hotel, not the residence tower, that are being converted into a second home for him. “I grew up in Sydney, and my kids still spend time here,” he said. “It’s a beautiful place, and I hope to spend more time visiting.”

And there will be gaming. But Crown Sydney has taken special care not to call the casino a casino. The website calls it a “premium table games experience.”

Evidently, there will be no pokies, only table games like baccarat, blackjack, and roulette. And though the website is sparse on details, it does refer to a “VIP-only gaming facility.”

Previous Problems with VIP Gaming

The Crown scandal that took the company and gaming community by storm in 2019 had fallout that particularly affected VIP gaming in Australia.

Much of the spotlight was on VIP gamblers at Crown properties, many of whom used junkets to travel from Asia and gamble for high stakes. After the scandal broke, though, the government crackdowns began, and most junkets stopped.

This put such a dent in Crown’s bottom line that Crown Executive Chairman John Alexander had to acknowledge it at a shareholder presentation in late 2019. He revealed that VIP turnover for the first three and a half months of the new fiscal year, which started July 1, was down 46%.

Crown blamed much of the downturn on the Chinese economy hurt by the United States and on the media that publicized the scandal.

Regardless, Crown Sydney is going to face a challenge to create a successful new VIP-only gaming facility, one with no pokies, at the new property. The new environment and scrutiny on high-stakes gambling will be a test of Crown’s dedication to gaming.

December 10, 2019

Note:Gino’s is not open on 12/24. They are open until 5:30 on Monday, December 23rd. They have up their take-out menu with sauces up –see hereGinos is at 7414 5th Avenue

1) Tuscany Grill 8620 Third Avenue 718-921-5633

2) Beets and Carrots Restaurant at 9905 3rd Avenue is open for dinner. See menu. 718-333-5011 – make reservations here

3) Baci Ristorante at8424 3rd Avenue. 718-333-5879. $85 a person.

See the menu largerhere

4) Greenhouse Cafe at 7717 – 3rd Avenue is open for dinner. 718-833-8200

5) The Wicked Monk – 3rd Avenue and 95th Street is open and has live music at 10:00 pm. See menu

6) Cebu Restaurant at 8801 3rd Avenue is open on Christmas Eve. 718-492-5095

7) Schnitzel Haus at 7319 Fifth Avenue is open Christmas Eve. 718-836-5600. See menu here. Seamless and Grubhub will be available too. Catering is available for parties on Christmas Eve too.

8) Sanchos Restaurant at 7410 – 3rd Avenue – see menu 718-748-0770

9) Vesuvio is open until 10:00 pm. See menu

10) Positano Restaurant 10018 4th Avenue 718-833-1313 – See menu here


11) Campania at 9824 – 4th Avenue is open from 11:30 am – 6:00 pm. They deliver. See menu.

12) Tanoreenis open for regular lunch/dinner service on Christmas Eve.

13) Something Greek Restaurant at 7616 3rd Avenue is open until 4:00 pm. See menu. 201-482-7873

14) South Brooklyn Foundry at 6909 3rd Avenue is open for brunch and catering on Christmas Eve. Menu 718-333-5287

Crown Casino Christmas Day 2019 Printable

15) Hana 86 Sushi at 524 86th Street. See menu. 929-205-4102

16) Shobu Sushi at 9427 – 5th Avenue. See menu. 718-833-8345

17) Chopstix 8405 5th Avenue See menu718-238-1300

Crown Casino Christmas Day 2019 Calendar

18) Xin 8320 3rd Avenue See menu. 347-662-6222

19) Harp Bar at 7710 3rd Avenue opens at 3:00 pm.

20)The Pearl Room 8518 3rd Avenue 718-833-6666 –menu

20) Hana 86 Sushi at 524 86th Street. See menu. 929-205-4102

21) Rocco’s Pizzeria is open Christmas Eve

22) Lombardos Bay Ridge is open 11am – 2pm

Crown Casino Christmas Day 2019 Freebies

23) New Corners Restaurant7201 – 8th Avenue 718-833-0800

24) Tomasso’s – 1464 – 86th Street. $65 a person – Also a la carte items –see here

25) Mama Rao’s 6408 – 11th Avenue 718-745-2269

27) Buckley’s(Not in Bay Ridge, but some people love this place) 2926 Avenue S 718-998-4422

28) il Fortunato2902 Emmons Avenue 718-332-8494

29) Giovanni’s Brooklyn Eatsin Park Slope – 1657 8th Avenue 718-788-8001

30) The Pour House Bar at 7901 3rd Avenue is open

31) Irish Haven Bar 5721 4th Avenue is open on Christmas Eve from 8:00 am-4:00 am

Crown Casino Christmas Day 2019 Schedule

  • Christmas Eve Cruise with Santa – $90 a person


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