Casino Lisboa Macau Dress Code

Macau is a Chinese peninsula which has increased dramatically in popularity over recent years thanks to its fame as a major gambling resort. Having recently made a glamorous cameo in a James Bond movie, its tourist industry exploded almost overnight, and now Macau has overtaken Las Vegas in leading the world’s gambling revenue.

If you usually gamble online or go to physical casinos in Atlantic City or Las Vegas, you may not know what you should expect from casinos in Macau. There are some major differences between western casino resorts and those in Macau. For a start, you’ll find there are some very different games on offer which aren’t commonly seen in western casinos. You’ll also find that some options that we’re used to in the west are more limited. Bingo terminals, for example, are often seen on gaming floors in the west, but are harder to find in Macau, so if bingo is your thing you might want to read more here about how to find the best bingo sites online on to keep you satisfied. On the other hand, however, there’ll be some things which are extremely familiar. For example, you’ll see well-known hotel names like the Wynn, the Sands and the Venetian.

In this beginner’s guide to enjoying casinos in Macau, you’ll get some ideas and travel tips about how to get the most out of your trip and what you can expect.

Casinos in Macau


Casino Mercantil De Zaragoza. We didn't notice a dress code or anything, and since we didn't play, I don't know if drinks are free. Mgm macau macau casinos. Can 16 mgm macau casino dress code Jun 2017 dortmund poker club Dress code can vary, with local establishments somewhat more to dress in macau. The hotel/casino websites sometimes have information on the casinos, might be something about dress codes, I'm not completely sure as we never really think about it prior to catching the ferry to Macau. If you feel the urge to have a suite made prior to going over the Macau, no problem. Lots of suit shops (tailors), if you really feel want. All About The Macau Casino Dress Code. Photo: If you are lucky enough to be visiting one of the fantastic casinos in Macau and are not sure what the rules and regulations are surrounding such topics as acceptable age and dress code then read below to find out all the answers to the questions you might ask. Is there a dress code in the casino,s not a high roller just the slots and table areas,also best buffet meals and costs for same,in melbourne,s crown casino neat casual even with jeans is allowed treerabbit. Welcome to Best Casino Sites UK, your #1 Guide to the Best Online Casinos in the United Kingdom. Our mission is simple, find the Casino Lisboa Dress Code best online casino and present them to our readers. Thanks for stopping by, enjoy!


Where to Stay

Accommodation is key to enjoying your gambling trip to Macau. Choose a property that is walking distance from all the big-name casinos so that you won’t have to worry about transport. There are some amazing premium suites at the big gambling resorts like the Venetian and Sands Macau, and while they don’t come cheap, they do offer unparalleled luxury. You’ll also have access to fantastic entertainment and facilities, not to mention the fact that you’ll be steps away from the gaming floor.

Where to Gamble

The biggest question that you’ll need to ask is where you should gamble your hard-earned cash when you arrive in the gambling mecca that is Macau. You’ll have plenty of choices, so it all depends on the experience that you’re hoping to have.

The Wynn Macau was the first casino in the Vegas-style to be opened here. While it may be worth seeing for that reason, it isn’t the most spectacular. There are just 200 gaming tables, and the stakes are pretty high.

Parx casino philadelphia poker. If you’re looking for spectacle, the Venetian should be your first stop. As you might expect if you’ve been to the resort of the same name in Vegas, this casino is incredibly luxurious. Its gaming floor is the largest anywhere in the world, with more than 500 gaming tables to choose from and about 2000 slots. Here, you’ll find classic Chinese games like Sic Bo, although you’ll find the minimum stakes are high. If you’re visiting on a work day, the Venetian is one of the best places to go since there’s always lots of action going on 7 days a week.

If you’re more into European-style gambling with the focus on the gaming tables rather than the entertainment, Casino Lisboa should be your first port of call. With around 700 slots and 400 gaming tables, you’ll have a good choice of western and eastern options from blackjack to Pai Gow.

Finally, if you’re a keen poker player, you should probably consider going to The City of Dreams. This enormous resort plays host to the Asian Championship Poker tournament each year, and if you’re keen to meet famous poker players, this is where you’ll find them. Even out of tournament season you’ll find lots of semi-professional players here, so you’ll get some decent competition at the poker table.

Casino Lisboa Macau Dress Code

Guidelines for Gambling in Macau

If you’re new to gambling in Macau, you’ll need to know the rules which have to be followed. Here are some of the guidelines which are in place in the casinos of Macau.

  1. Gambling age – legally, foreigners are permitted to gamble in Macau’s casinos when they are aged 18 or over. However, Macau residents have to be aged over 21. You will only be able to use a Hong Kong ID card or passport as identification.
  2. Legal items – when heading into a casino you’ll usually have to check in your luggage, laptop and camera at the cloakroom.
  3. Dress code – this varies between establishments. Some are stricter than others, but in general, you should avoid wearing sleeveless tops, shorts and flip flops whether you’re male or female. If you’re planning on entering the high roller rooms, you’ll have even stricter dress codes to follow.
  4. Legal tender – although the local currency is the Macau Pataca, in the casinos only the Hong Kong Dollar is accepted as legal tender.
  5. Alcohol – while Vegas has a reputation of being Sin City, everything doesn’t go in Macau. If you’re visibly intoxicated, it’s likely the security staff will evict you from the gaming floor.
  6. Smoking – while most casinos are officially non-smoking, many customers ignore this and light up anyway. They are very rarely stopped from doing so.
  7. Shuttle buses – if you need to use a shuttle bus to get to different hotels and resorts, you’ll have to have proof. A casino receipt or evidence of your casino hotel room will be required if you want to hop on one of these buses.

Lisboa Hotel Macau Website

Robuchon au Dôme is one of the region’s top dining destinations, and has been awarded three Michelin stars for twelve consecutive years by the MICHELIN Guide Hong Kong and Macau in 2009 to 2020. Boasting the most extensive and exclusive wine collection in Asia with over 17,000 labels, Robuchon au Dôme has been honored with the Wine Spectator’s “Grand Award” yearly since 2005. The restaurant offers a superb menu of French gastronomic cuisine, meticulously crafted by the world’s most Michelin-starred chef Joël Robuchon.

Robuchon au Dôme is situated in the dome of Grand Lisboa Hotel which is 238 meters height and has a magnificent view of Macau. The centerpiece of the restaurant is a breathtaking crystal light chandelier cascading from the middle of the ceiling, made up of over 131,500 pieces of Swarovski. Behind glass display windows, wine cabinets are amassed with sculptures, representing famous wine Château, designed and crafted by renowned English Furniture Maker, Viscount Linley. The enchanting atmosphere in the restaurant is lightened up by Baccarat floor lamps.

Setting the new standard for fine-dining, Robuchon au Dôme uses the best hardware and tableware, the finest glasses from Riedel and high relief platinum serving plates from Bernardaud. Enjoy the epitome of fine dining at Robuchon au Dôme where culinary artistry is met with the finest wines, impeccable service and a décor to match.

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  • (853) 8803 7878

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