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Many novices to online gambling may be unaware that there are plenty of variations of classic casino games. It’s to keep what is mostly an old game fresh and interesting, and Blackjack is no different as there are plenty of Blackjack Variations Online.

Although there are so many variations of blackjack, all of them have common features. Whether you play Vegas Strip or Spanish 21, your aim is to have a hand value as close to 21 as possible. At the same time, you have to beat the dealer. Obviously, each card can bring you a certain amount of points. Multi hand blackjack is just a blackjack variation in which you can play more than one hand at a time. This is one of the most popular blackjack variations for players who get comfortable with single hand blackjack. The multi-hand version adds excitement and keeps the game running at a quick pace.

What are these variations, you ask? Well, there are plenty of them and many places you can engage with them. But what can you do to prepare for ones you’ve yet to encounter?

We’ve got all you need to know right here and more.

Different Types Of Blackjack Variations Online

Being one of the most popular casino games of all time, there’s no surprise really that there are a lot of Blackjack Variations Online. In fact, Blackjack Online Variations is what gives the industry more flavour.

Let’s take a brief look at each one and how they differ from the original game.

Casino Blackjack Variations Poker


Switch was invented by Geoff Hall in 2009. It differs from normal Blackjack by using two hands rather than one. The player can “switch” between the top two cards of each hand. Normal blackjacks are paid 1:1 and a dealer can hard 22 push every player hands except when they get a natural.

Spanish 21

Spanish 21 is owned by Masque Publishing Inc. and the game can use between 6 and 8 decks at a time. Players can split on a maximum of 4 hands, even with aces. It was first brought to the public in 1995.


More of an option in the main game than an example of online Blackjack variations, Surrender is an extra rule that allows players to bow out of a game in exchange for half their bet. This option should only be used for awful starting hands and shouldn’t be mistaken for a fold.



Again, not exactly an online Blackjack variation but more of a name for the same game played across different nations. It can be used to describe more “traditional” Blackjack or even Spanish 21 depending on where in the world you’re playing.

Wrap-around straight: Also called a round-the-corner straight, consecutive cards including an ace which counts as both the high and low card. (Example Q-K-A-2-3). (Example Q-K-A-2-3). Skip straight: Also called alternate straight, Dutch straight, skipper, or kangaroo straight, Cards are in consecutive order, skipping every second rank. is the world's leading poker website. Among other things, visitors will find a daily dose of articles with the latest poker news, live reporting from tournaments, exclusive videos. Wrap around in powerpoint.

Super Fun 21

One of the most famous Blackjack variants, Super Fun 21 was invented by Howard Grossman and involves an entire round of betting before the cards are even dealt. If players have Blackjack, they always beat the dealer’s hand. It also rhymes, which is pretty neat.

Casino Blackjack Variations Video Poker

Perfect Pairs

Once again, not an entirely different game but a side-bet of the original Blackjack, Perfect Pairs is a wager placed on whether you get a… well, a perfect pair! Definitely recommended if you prefer to spice things up with your hand.

Atlantic City

Atlantic City Blackjack is, for all intents and purposes, much the same as the traditional version of Blackjack. Unlike the original game, however, the dealer must deal no more than 16, while usually, it’s 17. There are also some differences in the odds.


European Blackjack is the variant of the game that players can double or stand between 9 and 11 or after a split. San manuel casino events 2019. The house edge is also an average of 0.62%.


Pretty much normal Blackjack, except all players, can hold up to 5 hands at one time.


Double Exposure Blackjack is a Blackjack online variation that has both dealer cards exposed to the players. This means the rules are somewhat changed to favour the dealer in this scenario, although it still ranks as one of the best bets you can make.

Chinese Blackjack

Mostly the same as the original game, Chinese Blackjack is (of course) mostly played in south-east Asia, especially around Chinese New Year. The main difference with this one is through the use of unusual house rules, so be wary!

Single Deck

Finally, we get to the Single Deck variant of online Blackjack. As you could probably guess, this variant involves only a single deck of cards in each game. This offers all sorts of advantages to players in terms of odds and this is mostly the reason players tend to favour it.

Where To Find Blackjack Variations Online

Blackjack variations exist across many different websites so locating them is not difficult to do. There are a few places where you can look for Blackjack variations online specifically and those tend to be at most mobile casinos.

Here are other ways in which you can find Blackjack variants:

  • Online Blackjack forums
  • Online casino reviews
  • Top 10 Blackjack lists
  • Casino guides
  • Software provider pages

In short, you’ll never run out of Blackjack variations online because there are so many variations of Blackjack. This is great as it makes the original game much more original and fresh, keeping it from going too stale.

It also tailors to the tastes of particular Blackjack players who wish to add more risk to their gameplay or because they simply want to shake things up a little. And with the latest variants being recently developed as 2009, then we can look forward to many new online Blackjack variants in the future!