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Thus, online gambling platform is a basis of any gambling establishment, which integrates all programs needed for the work of a casino, in other words – online casino software. So, we can say that online gambling platform and online casino software are convertible terms. Best Online Casino Platforms. When it comes to enjoying online casino games, some put little thought into which the best platform is. It is, after all, largely a matter of convenience. If players happen to have a smartphone close at hand, it tends to be the platform used. But, if taking into consideration all the pros and cons involved, which. Top Casino Solutions (TCS) is your one-stop online portal for online casino software platform reviews, tips and B2B industry news. We provide objective and reliable information about today’s best white label, turnkey and self-service solutions to the iGaming industry’s upcoming and existing online casino operators. Gaming Options – Casinos operating on the best software platforms offer several gaming options such as download, instant play, mobile, and live dealer. Variety of Games – Top software providers may specialize in one game category, but offer a wider portfolio of games such as slots, table & card games, video pokers, and instant win games.

Without software we would have no online casinos simple, obvious, but a fact that is often overlooked. The quality of software in the current climate would make designers from just a few years ago weep with envy. The millions of dollars in research and development spent by online casino software companies, has given us the gambling public, gaming platforms that are epic.

The cornerstone of any great online casino is the software platform. The customers bring in the revenue, true, but there would be no customers if the gameplay was below par. All software brands have a slightly different approach and own their own touch on traditional games as well as developing new ones.

What Makes A Trusted Online Casino Software

Longevity is a good indicator of trust some of the powerhouses in the industry span decades. In the cut and thrust of the cyber world you have to be good to last. In any business that is worth billions checks and balances have to be in place. All casino software comes with reports on its fairness.

Best Casino Platform

For the most part independent assessors are commissioned to test the source code ensuring the minimum payout levels are correct, and the general operating specifics conform. Monthly payout tables, legal compliance and regular system tests are all a standard. The industry works hard to make sure a fair game is played.

How Do You Choose The Best Online Casino Platforms

There are so many developers working in the field that for the layman in can be hard to differentiate. A lot of variables come into play and a lot is down to personal choice. The list of games that you can play is just a part of the decision. Graphics and audio, the speed of loading and the actual gameplay. Overall security plays a big part, the stability of the system, will it crash if heavily loaded? Should I download or use the instant play? A lot of these things are hard to tell until you play them.

Luckily there are websites dedicated to free play versions of all the top software platforms. And some of the best tools available to the consumer are still forum sites and reviews. A bad platform will get slated very quickly and even updates make noise.

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The Best Of All Worlds

When online casinos were born, the available platforms to run the games on was a limited choice. Most casinos went with a particular platform and stuck with it. The package came as just that a package with everything needed to run the casino in one bundle. The problem was it became a little generic. With little room for individuality casinos felt a little same old same old. But on the flipside having a custom built bespoke platform is very costly. Maintaining the site alone would be cost prohibitive to most.

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Best Online Casino Platforms

So developers started to compartmentalize, gameplay running on one software, backend on another, financials one more, etc. More than one software platform started to become the norm for gameplay. Websites integrated slots from one company with table games from another and suddenly casinos started to have personalities of their own. The industry giant Playtech saw the need for more customizable features within its platform and their offering allows a huge amount of individuality. So much so that some casinos have gone back to just one platform Playtech.

Linking Software A Loose Affiliation

If there are so many different software development companies why are just a few predominant? In two words ‘Progressive Jackpots’. To keep the industry flourishing the chance of big payouts with life changing money has to be on offer. The problem is you need a lot of players to generate these pots quickly and most casinos just don’t get enough visitors. In comes the concept of linked games. The idea was first used in the bingo halls of 60’s Britain.

Linking several halls with a live feed tannoy calling the numbers allowed the pooled jackpots to be huge. Fast forward to the internet and the same principle is used pooling players across a network of different brands using the same software. The casino would still take the stake and pay out winnings to its player but a small part of the stake would go to the jackpot fund. A group of competitors linked for the common good. This system has led to the rapid growth of progressive slots games with jackpots in the multi millions.

Staying On Top

The engineering adage ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ really doesn’t apply when it comes to IT. Casino software is in a constant state of flux. Upgrades are an ongoing feature and while some are not so good, the constant flow of new ideas and system tweaks keeps the whole thing fresh. Player usability and seamless interaction is the key driving force behind a lot of updates. But developers are making great efforts to carve a niche in a highly populated field.

Best Casino Platforms

For example a few are pushing 3D effects to the fore creating stunning visuals with a very real feeling of interaction with the games. The mobile market is a sector that has been underdeveloped over the years and still has room to grow for new talent. The mobile medium is ideal for a lot of casino games but slots in particular work so very well. Continued advances is the area of audio and graphics make these mini slot machines come alive.

Software for online gaming has come a long way since the early seventies. Students from the best universities in the US developing games to play over their own networks soon mushroomed into a multi-billion dollar industry. It doesn’t look set to slow down anytime soon either.

Look out for more online casinos embracing 3D. Virtual casinos that really look and feel like you’re entering a real building. The fact that the live dealer format is working so well is leaning toward the assumption that people maybe feel too detached from the action. Wherever the trends take development you can be sure it will just keep growing.